Best Match Ever: Rey Mysterio (WWE)

1h 40m | Apr 14, 2023

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It's Flashback/Freebie Friday!

(This show was originally released August 2022)

Braden Herrington and Davie Portman dial up the 619 and take a look back at some of the BEST matches of Rey Mysterio's 20 year career in WWE!

The BDE review, rate & dissect classic Rey Mysterio matches in WWE against superstars like Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Andrade, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels and more... and discuss huge moments through out his WWE career.

The lads discuss favourite Rey ring gear, hidden gem matches from WWE TV, plus your feedback and so much more! 

The matches talked about on this show:

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio (SmackDown - 10th February 2005)

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio (SmackDown - 23rd June 2005)

Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels (RAW - 13th November 2005)

Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio - Title vs Mask (The Bash - 28th June 2006)

Edge vs Rey Mysterio (SmackDown - 2nd June 2009)

John Morrison vs Rey Mysterio (SmackDown - 1st September 2009)

Andrade vs Rey Mysterio (SmackDown - 15th January 2019)

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens vs Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins - Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match (RAW 25th October 2021

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