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Up Your RPG - Helping you up your roleplaying game

Each week we discuss a different topic that relates directly to tabletop role-playing gaming. You’ll hear unbiased, and sometimes biased, discourse among passionate people from our show, and around TTRPG world. 

Our cast is a group of gamers with decades and decades of experience. We’ve been playing since the days when gaming with pencils, paper, and dice was cause for ridicule. We’ve put tons of time in, and have made all of the mistakes. We’re sharing our gaffs and glories to help you have richer role-playing experiences.

Every episode will contain nuggets of knowledge that players and GMs alike will be able to incorporate into their own games. Whatever ruleset you’re into, from D&D to Call of Cthulhu, from Savage Worlds to Blades in the Dark, you’ll walk away from each show with something useful.


S1E2: Character Creation - Where to Find Inspiration
Show Details23min 55s
S1E3: Character Creation - Including Weakness
Show Details25min 47s
S1E1: Character Creation - Backstories That Won't Box You In
Show Details23min 23s