Up The Creek

Wade and Jeremy take on the issues of the week with explosive sometimes informed commentary and conversation as politics, culture, and ignorance force the world as we know it further "Up the Creek"....


Angels, Bill Gates, and QAnon
Show Details1hr 25min
Electile Dysfunction
Show Details1hr 33min
Disconnected 2: Republican Politicians/DC Protests
Show Details12min 36s
Stimulus Checks and Vaccine Checks
Show Details1hr 15min
Disconnected: Tom Cruise's Covid-19 Rant
Show Details13min 37s
Galactic Federation
Show Details5min 22s
Aliens and Vaccines
Show Details1hr 33min
Thanksgiving Day Special
Show Details1hr 37min
Programming the NPCs
Show Details1hr 38min
The Election Infection
Show Details1hr 37min
The Branch Covidians
Show Details1hr 15min