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Hi there, I am Krishna, welcome to Unthinking. In this podcast I would be covering topics on motivation, self improvement, technology and sometimes random banter. I believe curiosity is the fundamental building block for progress and I hope to use this medium to connect with you

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How Diderot effect influences your purchasing decisions
Show Details9min 7s
Does reading a lot help?
Show Details10min 34s
To take or not take Vaccine. - Cognitive Dissonance at play
Show Details5min 14s
Learn using Japanese Martial Arts Philosophy - Shu Ha Ri
Show Details9min 35s
Activity is not progress
Show Details5min 5s
Did our corona vaccination strategy fail?
Show Details8min 33s
Why is Sanskrit Language perfect for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Show Details21min 13s
Euthanasia and the conundrum around self killing
Show Details54min 33s
A discussion on WhatsApp and its policy changes
Show Details42min 42s
2021 is a recovery year
Show Details5min 22s
Significance of odd and even numbers in our life
Show Details14min 5s
How to handle conflict of interest between labs vs patients
Show Details11min 6s
How to setup a team structure in an organization
Show Details9min 20s
11 Tips on budget traveling with Orcun in Tromso
Show Details35min 52s
5 things to do if you lost your job
Show Details7min 59s
Life in a ship and the struggle to reach home during Covid
Show Details48min 21s
Machine Learning Concept for Everybody
Show Details11min 21s
Show Details45s