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UNSTUCKKD is a podcast about getting unstuck in your life, career, finances, and business. The host, Kahlil Dumas, interviews a variety of people from entrepreneurs, content creators, side hustlers, and many more who will provide listeners with actionable steps to help them towards success and achieve their goals.


EP #14: TikTok Marketing and The Creator Economy with Mike Rama
Show Details31min 50s
EP #13: New Generation Wealth Building with Gigi Gonzalez
Show Details39min 18s
EP #12: Business Strategy and Marketing at The Sasha Group, a VaynerX co. with Joe Quattrone
Show Details41min 25s
EP #11: Getting Unstuck with Your Fitness & Health with Colin Feldtman
Show Details32min 51s
EP #10: How To Cradle Your Career & Passions with Marie McCool
Show Details35min 24s
EP #9: Holistic Living and Achieving Value-Aligned Business Goals with Bella Lam
Show Details35min 57s
EP #8: Unlock Your Marketing Potential with LinkedIn & TikTok with Daniel Kading
Show Details38min 55s
EP #7: Corporate America: The Millennial Way with Chase Coleman
Show Details45min 12s
EP #6: How To Get Brand Deals While Being A Corporate Baddie with DeAndre Brown
Show Details28min 3s
EP #5: Personal Finance 101 with Kahlil Dumas
Show Details9min 25s
EP #4: Demystifying Manifestation with Brittany Welsh
Show Details41min 5s
EP #3: NFTs & The Art of Business with Nathan DeVaughn
Show Details32min 12s
EP #2: What is UNSTUCKKD?
Show Details10min 40s
EP #1: How To Leave Your Toxic 9-5 with Gabby Ianniello
Show Details42min 32s
Introducing UNSTUCKKD & The Host, Kahlil Dumas
Show Details1min 47s