unSILOed with Greg LaBlanc

unSILOed is a series of interdisciplinary conversations that inspire new ways of thinking about our world. Our goal is to build a community of lifelong learners addicted to curiosity and the pursuit of insight about themselves and the world around them.


Andrew Leigh - Randomistas and Radical Research: Uncovering What Works and What Doesn’t
Show Details39min 35s
Richard Davies - Narratives of Human Resiliency in Extreme Economies
Show Details1hr 4min
Ali Tamaseb - Super Founders: Analyzing and Understanding the Data Behind Billion-Dollar Startups
Show Details51min 12s
Charles Kenny - The Plague Cycle: Better Healthcare, Battling Epidemics, and Building Economies
Show Details59min 13s
Gary Pisano - Creative Construction: Innovation Strategies for Large Organizations
Show Details52min 13s
Steven Sloman - The Illusion of Explanatory Depth
Show Details49min 39s
Paul Seabright - Natural History of Economic Life: How Evolution Shaped Social Trust
Show Details1hr 8min
Ben Waber - People Analytics and Humanizing Networks: How Teams Can Work Better
Show Details1hr 3min
Marc Lesser - Practicing Zen and Mindful Leadership: Overcoming Stress in Business
Show Details48min 39s
Felix Oberholzer-Gee - A Simplified Strategy for Increased Profitability
Show Details53min 1s
Gregory Clark - Social Mobility and the Industrial Revolution: What Can We Learn from History
Show Details58min 39s
Pedro Domingos - The Quest for the Master Algorithm and the Ultimate Learning Machine
Show Details57min 49s
Rob Dunn - Understanding Food Science: The Role of Evolution and Nature in our Diet
Show Details54min 49s
Paul Collier - The Future of Capitalism: The Growing Gaps and Social Anxieties in Developed Nations
Show Details55min 36s
Harold McGee - Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World's Smells
Show Details48min 40s
Randy Nesse - Is it Good to Feel Bad? How Evolution and Pain Affects Our Mental Health
Show Details57min 2s
Charles Spence - Engineering Environments for an Optimized Sensory Experience
Show Details49min 7s
Gerd Gigerenzer - Risks and Uncertainty: Understanding Data and Making Rational Decisions
Show Details45min 41s
Simon Lack - Truths and Crisis: Understanding the Hedge Fund Mirage and Why Bonds Won’t Last Forever
Show Details55min 41s
Stuart Russell - Deep Dive into AI: Ethics, Design, and Human Compatibility
Show Details51min 1s
Paul Ehrlich - Human Jaws, Hidden Epidemics and the Dying Environment
Show Details46min 45s
Frederic Laloux - Reinvent the Wheel: What to Do When Your Management Model is Outdated
Show Details53min 55s
Weijian Shan - The Man from Gobi Desert: Stories of Survival, Deals, Breaking Barriers and Building Trust
Show Details53min 34s
Tom Davenport - The A.I. Advantage: Using it For Strategic Advancement and Success
Show Details44min 45s
Meir Statman - Why People Spend: Expressive and Emotional Benefits of Spending and Investing
Show Details47min 15s
Liam Vaughan - Heroes and Villains: Stories Behind the Flash Crash
Show Details47min 23s
Jacob Goldstein - Money: The True Story
Show Details48min 51s
Max Bazerman - Becoming Better: How to Achieve Maximum, Sustainable Goodness
Show Details45min 37s
Paul Leinwand - Coherence: Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution
Show Details42min 51s
Sally Augustin - Designology: Integrating Environment, Sensory Experiences, and Lifestyle
Show Details47min 16s
Michael Raynor - The Paradox of Success in Commitments and Flexibility in Taking Risks
Show Details51min 34s
Terry Odean - Financial Behavior and Psychological Biases: Lessons from the Accidental Economist
Show Details48min 50s
Esther Wojcicki - T.R.I.C.K. to Raising Successful People
Show Details55min 26s
Michael Arena - Adaptive Spaces: Creating Agile Teams and Maximizing Social Capitals
Show Details53min 29s
Hugo Mercier - Arguments, Conversations, and Social Learning: Why Humans Reason the Way They Do
Show Details49min 9s
Gary Saul Morson & Morton Schapiro - Cents and Sensibility: The Marriage Between Economics and Literature
Show Details44min 43s
Kevin Werbach - Blockchain: Understanding Decentralized Governance and the Currency
Show Details53min 17s
Rita McGrath - How Do You Foster Discovery Driven Growth and a Sustainable Innovation Strategy?
Show Details50min 3s
Ajay Agrawal - Prediction Machines: Understanding How AI Impacts our Daily Lives
Show Details46min 50s
Richard Lyons - Changemaker: Why Creating Hubs for Academic and Commercial Collaboration Matters
Show Details54min 5s
Barbara Tversky - Mind in Motion: Understanding How Action Shapes Thoughts
Show Details56min 20s
David Teece - Dynamic Capabilities: Understanding Your Firm’s Core Competencies in an Innovative Market
Show Details48min 50s
Henry Chesbrough - What Open Innovation Really Means
Show Details51min 2s
Sarah Hrdy - Alloparenting and Allomothers: Learning How to Parent from Mother Nature
Show Details1hr 12min
Don Moore - Perfectly Confident and Good Judgment: Your Keys to Succeeding in Life
Show Details53min 56s
Barry Schwartz - Why We Work: Breaking Down the Psychological and Economic Factors of a Great Workplace
Show Details1hr
Jay Barney - The Lessons They Didn’t Teach You in Business School
Show Details37min 39s
Kevin Coldiron – Understanding Carry Trades
Show Details48min 18s
Stanley Fish – Analyzing the Meaning of “Free Speech”
Show Details53min 29s
Richard Bookstaber - Markets, Risk, and Human Interaction
Show Details50min 35s
Charles Wheelan - The Value of Storytelling in Economics
Show Details57min 36s
Joshua Gans - The Economics of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Show Details57min 55s
Scott Kupor – Pulling Back the Curtain on Venture Capital
Show Details41min 40s
Robert Frank - The Power of Social Pressure
Show Details53min 46s
Richard Wrangham - What Primate Behavior Can (and Can’t) Tell Us About Human Behavior
Show Details49min 26s
Terry Burnham - Biological Economics and Human Behavior
Show Details39min 36s
Charles O’Reilly III – How Leaders Can Evolve, Innovate, and Increase the Life Expectancy of their Organizations
Show Details41min 17s
Daniel Willingham - Teaching our Teachers to Teach
Show Details53min 12s
Tom Vanderbilt – The Benefits of Lifelong Learning
Show Details40min 21s