From scrap metal to timber, estate planning to freight pooling, this show is a meandering exploration of just how sexy unsexy industries can be. Host Elaine Zelby, investor at SignalFire and eternally curious human being uncovers the stories of niche and esoteric markets understanding the history and looking at the future through the eyes of the pioneering entrepreneurs willing to bring technology and exponential improvements to these often overlooked spaces.


Jordan Taylor - Co-founder and Head of Product, SESO
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Kevin Gibbon - Co-founder & CEO, Airhouse
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Chris Herd - Founder and CEO, Firstbase
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Stephen Greenwood - Founder and CEO, Ballast VR
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Matteo Francheschetti - Founder and CEO, Eight Sleep
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Eran Ben-Shmuel - Founder and CEO, Juganu
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Rema Matevosyan - Founder and CEO, Near Space Labs
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Yi Chao - Founder and CEO, Seatrec
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In this episode, Yi Chao, founder and CEO of Seatrec and one of the most fascinating humans I've ever met discusses his journey from theoretical physics to deep sea exploration. A self-proclaimed armchair oceanographer, Yi and his team have developed a robot that can produce energy from the temperature differentials found naturally in the ocean. Exploring the depths of the oceans is challenging as it requires a lot of power but with the Seatrec robots, they can move up and down to generate their own electricity when they need a boost. We discuss how the atmosphere and oceans are tightly connected, how phase change materials work, and what the oceans can tell us about the health of the planet. Tune in for a truly fascinating conversation!

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Published Oct 21, 2020 at 1:30pm
Dr. Casey Means - Co-Founder, Levels Health
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Cody Barbo - Founder and CEO, Trust & Will
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Jenny He - Founder and CEO, Ergeon
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Oren Zaslansky - Founder and CEO of Flock Freight
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