• Alek Vernitsky - Co-Founder and CEO, Portside
    In this episode, I speak with Alek Vernitsky, Co-founder and CEO of Portside, a next generation financial management platform for private aviation. We discuss how large the private aviation space actually is, who owns private planes, how this space operates separately from commercial aviation, and much more!
    E36 - 31m - Sep 29, 2022
  • Dan Josebachvili - Founder & CEO, Silvertree
    In this episode, I speak with Dan Josebachvili, Founder and CEO of Silvertree, a wearable wellness device for active adults. We discuss his background founding Urban Escapes with his sister and getting acquired by Living Social, how he sees the future of "silvertech", and what Silvertree is doing to provide functional and fashionable wearables to the aging population.
    34m - Sep 16, 2022
  • Melissa Kwan - Founder & CEO, eWebinar
    In this episode, I speak with Melissa Kwan, Founder and CEO of eWebinar, a platform Helping companies scale demos, lead gen, and customer success by automating webinars with videos. We discuss why webinars still work for converting leads into customers, how she became an "accidental founder" and how companies can automate a lot of manual process involved in running webinars.
    E34 - 29m - Sep 1, 2022
  • Sheridan Clayborne - Co-founder, Lendtable
    In this episode, I speak with Sheridan Clayborne, Co-founder of Lendtable, a company that provides cash advances so employees can take advantage of employer benefits. We discuss his life growing up with entrepreneur parents who were never quite successful, graduating high school at 15, making his first $1m by 17 buying and selling Yeezy sneakers, and how he and his co-founder Mitchell Jones are trying to help the average employee take advantage of benefits like 401k match, ESPP (employee stock purchase programs), and HSA accounts.
    34m - Aug 25, 2022
  • Garrett McCurrach, Co-founder and CEO, Pipedream Labs
    In this episode, I speak with Garrett McCurrach, Co-founder and CEO of Pipedream Labs, a company building a network of underground tubes that offers near-instantaneous delivery of objects to and from homes and businesses. He's taking one of the biggest swings and building one of the most futuristic companies that I've ever seen; creating a series of underground pipes that send RC robots whizzing through carrying payloads of goods to do hyperlogistics in cities. We discuss the technical, regulatory, and logistical challenges of Pipedream, why he is trying to transform last mile logistics, and how consumption patterns could dramatically shift if you could get almost anything instantaneously to your door.
    43m - Aug 18, 2022
  • Jeremy Hermanns - Co-founder & CEO, Dockworks
    In this episode I speak with Jeremy Hermanns, Co-founder and CEO of Dockworks, a cloud-based dockside solution that helps simplify and automate marine service businesses. We discuss his sailing trip that found him stranded in Martinique, how big and underappreciated the marine services sector is, and why boat owners end up spending 10% of the value of their vessel per year on maintenance.
    41m - Aug 11, 2022
  • Rob Forsythe - Co-Founder and CEO, Milk Moovement
    In this episode, I speak with Rob Forsythe, Co-Founder and CEO of Milk Moovement, a company focused on getting the right milk to the right place at the right time. They build cloud software to provide actionable insights across the entire dairy supply chain. We discuss the ecosystem players like the producers, haulers, dairy co-ops, and processors, how the rise of emerging market middle classes is spiking demand for milk, how feed and season change the protein and fat content in milk, and much more!
    E30 - 32m - Aug 4, 2022
  • Joyce Zhang - Co-founder and CEO, Alariss
    In this episode, I speak with Joyce Zhang, Co-founder and CEO of Alariss, a premier Global Expansion Marketplace, connecting international high-tech companies with top local sales, business development, and general management talent in the US and other key markets. We discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with expanding into the US, what makes a good remote salesperson, and her thesis on Globalization 3.0.
    33m - Jul 14, 2022
  • Rob Wurth - Founder and CEO, Lift AI
    In this episode, I speak with Rob Wurth, Founder and CEO of Lift AI, a company that is bringing the world’s elevators online. We discuss Rob's experience growing up in the elevator business, tons of fun tidbits about how elevators work and the overall industry, and how he's bringing intelligence and connectivity to the world's millions of elevators.
    48m - Jul 7, 2022
  • Gavin Nachbar - Co-founder, Column Tax
    In this episode, I speak with Gavin Nachbar, Co-founder of Column Tax, a company whose mission is to democratize access to tax and finance advice to improve people’s lives. We discuss the insane complexies of the US tax system, how individuals can take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit, and how Column Tax is allowing fintech companies to offer tax products, including withholdings and filings, for their customers.
    35m - Jun 28, 2022
  • Ralf Schonherr - Co-Founder, Neatleaf
    In this episode, I speak with Ralf Schonherr, Co-Founder of Neatleaf, a first-of-its-kind robotic platform for indoor and greenhouse cultivation environments helping to sustainably produce more optimize yields at a higher quality and lower cost. We discuss his experiences working on robotics at Google X (the Moonshot Factory), some of the current challenges with indoor farming/agtech in general, and how NeatLeaf is building the world's first solution for autonomous greenhouses.
    32m - Jun 16, 2022
  • Yaniv Altshuler - MIT Research Fellow & Co-Founder, Metha.ai
    In this episode, I speak with Dr Yaniv Altshuler, 20+ year AI research veteran who has been serving as a Research Fellow at MIT Media Lab, has written 3 books on artificial intelligence, authored 70+ scientific papers, and holds 14 patents. We discuss his pioneering research in the field of swarm algorithms, their wide application to fields like defense and finance, and his newest project of applying his research to cow sheds with Metha.ai where he and his partner Professor Alex "Sandy" Pentland are creating personalized food supplements for cows which increases meat and milk yields while substantially reducing methane emissions.
    E25 - 39m - Jun 2, 2022
  • John McElhone - Co-founder and CEO, CropSafe
    In this episode I speak with John McElhone, Co-Founder and CEO of CropSafe, a company that is bringing affordable, reliable and accessible crop analytics and prediction models to farmers across the world. We discuss his childhood growing up on a farm in rural Ireland, why he decided to forgo school and start a company at 17, and why now is the time that farmers and others in the agricultural sector are adopting tech and becoming more data driven.
    E24 - 31m - May 19, 2022
  • Adam Lawrence - Co-Founder & CEO, Boom & Bucket
    In this episode, I speak with Adam Lawrence, co-founder and CEO of Boom & Bucket, a marketplace that is transforming how $300B of heavy equipment gets traded every year. We discuss how heavy equipment is bought and sold (and transported!) today, the parallels to the used car industry, and why now is the perfect time for this space to start moving online.
    E23 - 28m - May 12, 2022
  • Roxanne Petraeus, Co-founder and CEO, Ethena
    In this episode, I interview Roxanne Petraeus, Co-founder and CEO of Ethena, a modern compliance training platform with informative, cringe-free content delivered through innovative methods, that actually works. We discuss her experience spending 5+ years in the US Army, why compliance training has historically sucked, and how Ethena is rethinking the space by focusing on bite-sized, just-in-time training that employees don't hate.
    E22 - 34m - May 3, 2022
  • Sam Tyagi - Founder and CEO, KlearNow
    In this episode, I speak with Sam Tyagi, founder and CEO of KlearNow, Interview with Sam Tyagi, founder and CEO of KlearNow, a company transforming B2B supply chains with their smart Logistics-as-a-Service platform connecting data, people, processes, and organizations. We discuss historic and recent issues with our global supply chain, the numerous parties involved in getting goods from one country to the other, and how they have digitized and streamlined the process of clearing customs, dramatically reducing the time and headache for importers, freight forwarders, and customs brokers.
    E21 - 33m - Apr 28, 2022
  • Brian Nolan - Co-Founder and CEO, BookOutdoors
    In this episode, I interview Brian Nolan, Co-founder and CEO of BookOutdoors, a company whose mission is to reimagine and transform how people travel outdoors. We discuss the current challenges of finding campsites and navigating antiquated websites, and how BookOutdoors is making it easy for anyone to get outside and find their next adventure.
    E20 - 26m - Apr 21, 2022
  • Dallas Hogensen - Co-founder and CEO, Felux
    In this episode, I speak with Dallas Hogensen, the co-founder and CEO of Felux, a B2B marketplace for steel and aluminum solving commerce & logistics for the gigantic industrials industry. We discuss why an outsider decided to partner with industry veterans to disrupt a behemoth but slow-moving, why now is the time that he sees industrials starting to adopt tech, and the implications for both upstream and downstream supply chains.
    E19 - 30m - Apr 12, 2022
  • Jesse Solomon - Co-founder, Mickey

    In this episode I speak with Jesse Solomon, the Co-founder of Mickey, a B2B commodities marketplace that manages supply, freight bookings, and payments, making it fast and easy for customers to purchase, track, and acquire the commodities they need. We discuss how Jesse went from the music industry on the creative artist agency side and fell into an opportunity to disrupt the global trade industry. Jesse also shares about the changing nature of global supply and demand for raw materials and how Mickey is looking to become the inverse Alibaba bringing the world's commodities online.

    31m - May 12, 2021
  • Lejjy Gafour - Co-founder and CEO, Future Fields

    In this episode, I speak with Lejjy Gafour, Co-founder and CEO of Future Fields, a company creating the future of food by developing custom custom growth media solutions for the cellular agriculture industry in a cost effective and scalable way. We discuss what cellular agriculture is, how it's done today, what can be done to make the unit economics cost effective, and what the future holds for lab-grown meat and non-animal based materials.

    25m - May 7, 2021
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