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Unproduced and Unadapted

A podcast about all the sidekicks overlooked, villains done wrong, background characters that stole the show, and characters missing from adaptations. We're talking missing sequels, prequels, spin-offs and adaptations.

Each episode we discuss a different movie and character(s) and explain why we think they should be the star of the show. We also discuss all those unadapted books and comic books as well as all those movies that setup the sequel and then we never got it! We talk potential storylines, dream casting, and pitch our own missing movie, TV show, or a comic.

If you have any suggestions for future episodes send them my way on Twitter at @UnprdcedUnadptd, email me at unproducedunadapted@gmail.com or leave me a note at unproducedunadapted.com.


The Marauders from Harry Potter
Show Details1hr 1min
Razor and Blade from Hackers
Show Details29min 58s
O'Neil and Jackson from Stargate
Show Details53min 30s
The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad from Kill Bill
Show Details30min 44s
Captain Quint from Jaws
Show Details32min 18s
Welcome to Unproduced and Unadapted
Show Details6min 36s