Hosted by the MIT Arab Alumni Association, UnliMITed interviews alumni to chat about the different paths they took to apply to MIT, their time on campus, and how their careers evolved afterwards.

What we hope to uncover here is that these paths, quite like the people who took them, are unliMITed.

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PiE4 - Zaina Mousa SB '21
Show Details39min 8s
PiE3 - Maya Nasr SB'18
Show Details39min 43s
PiE2 - Omar Obeya SB '18, M.Eng ‘19
Show Details31min
PiE1 - Areen Bahour SB '16
Show Details33min 57s
S1E9 - Dana Dabbousi SB'20
Show Details34min 28s
S1E8 - Mamoun Toukan AF '17, MAP '18
Show Details28min 35s
S1E7 - Nour Ghadanfar MCP'19
Show Details29min 22s
S1E6 - Talal Kheir SB '69
Show Details36min 36s
S1E5 - Mayce El Mostafa M.Eng '13
Show Details33min 55s
S1E4 - Hazem Zureiqat SM '08
Show Details32min 57s
S1E3 - Dana Erekat MCP '09
Show Details44min 58s
S1E2 - Rudayna Abdo SB'90
Show Details37min 28s
S1E1 - Salman Aldukheil
Show Details40min 24s
Episode 0: Introduction to UnliMITed
Show Details2min 22s