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Welcome to UniTea, a podcast by UniBridge, where we hear the stories of past, present and future Singaporean seniors who have chosen to embark on a university education overseas.

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Episode 11 (Pt. 2): Gap Year: An Alternative Take On It Captions: University Admissions Preparations, Attitude Towards Gap Years & Internships
Show Details22min 7s
Episode 11 (Pt. 1): Choosing Disciplines: On Keeping Open Minds And Staying On One’s Own Path
Show Details18min 41s
The "Burning Questions" Edition (Pt. 2) - w/Alvin (Project Access)
Show Details22min 9s
The "Burning Questions" Edition (Pt. 1) - w/Alvin (Project Access)
Show Details29min 42s
Changing Majors: Exploring Passions - w/Serena (Pt. 2)
Show Details24min 55s
Changing Majors: Exploring One's Passions - w/Serena (Pt. 3)
Show Details21min 8s
Changing Majors: Exploring One's Passions - w/Serena (Pt. 1)
Show Details20min 56s
Psychology @ University College London (Pt. 2) - w/Hazel
Show Details20min 44s
Psychology @ University College London (Pt. 1) - w/Hazel
Show Details25min 18s
The West Meets the East: Studying in UK & China - w/Kai Wen
Show Details37min 39s
Law @ University of Oxford (Pt. 2) - w/Kar Lok
Show Details21min 42s
Law @ University of Oxford (Pt. 1) - w/Kar Lok
Show Details30min 13s
Economics @ University of Cambridge (Pt. 2) - w/Lizhi
Show Details19min 25s
Economics @ University of Cambridge (Pt. 1) - w/Lizhi
Show Details22min 18s
Gap Semester, Internships & Writing a Novel - w/Selina (Pt. 4)
Show Details17min 47s
Harvard College China Forum & CNN internship - w/Selina (Pt. 3)
Show Details20min 40s
Experiences & Conversations As A Research Assistant - w/Selina (Pt. 2)
Show Details23min 15s
Post A-Levels, Internships & Japan Summer School - w/Selina (Pt. 1)
Show Details26min 14s
Travelling, Internships, and Staying True to Yourself - w/Shin (Pt. 2)
Show Details17min 16s
Embracing Uncertainty As An Undeclared Student - w/Shin (Pt. 1)
Show Details22min 29s
PSC Scholarship, Climate Change Advocacy & Pre-Uni Takeaways - w/Ying Xuan (Pt. 2)
Show Details24min 39s
Pre-Uni Decisions & Exploring the Public Sector - w/Ying Xuan (Pt. 1)
Show Details23min 23s
Uni Application Essays & Post-NS Adventures - w/Barnett (Pt. 2)
Show Details20min 29s
Applying to Overseas Unis in NS - w/Barnett (Pt. 1)
Show Details24min 7s