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Unexpected Experts

In this podcast, we sit down with people from all walks of life with the stories of how they became experts in their field, how they have grown in their expertise, and how their experiences shape the way they see the world. 

Everyone is an expert at something. What are you an expert at?

Music by The Classic Crime. Used with permission.


S2 E17 - Upload Download: Back to School
Show Details1hr 27min
S2 E16 - Summer Series: Summer Highlights and Fall Transition
Show Details1hr 15min
S2 E15 - Summer Series: Summer Vs Winter
Show Details1hr 34min
S2 E14 - Summer Series: Summer Events
Show Details1hr 7min
S2 E13 - Summer Series: Summer Nostalgia
Show Details1hr 9min
S2 E12 - Rachel Thorne: Pastor's Kid, Coming Out, and the Beautiful LGBTQ Life
Show Details1hr 32min
S2 E11 - Food: Fast and Local
Show Details1hr 22min
S2 E10 - Nathan and Nadine DeBruyn: Music Therapy, Small Business, Adaptation, and Experience vs Qualification
Show Details1hr 25min
S2 E9 - Home-Owning vs Renting
Show Details1hr 24min
S2 E8 - Andrea Elias: Single Mother, Working from Home, Mental Health and Divorce
Show Details1hr 25min
S2 E7 - Oscars Debrief
Show Details1hr 6min
S2 E6 - Chad Utke: Oscars Talk, Movies, Critics, and the Politics of Film
Show Details1hr 45min
S2 E5 - Movies vs. TV
Show Details1hr 13min
S2 E4 - Carrie-Lynn Johnstone: Autism, Special Needs Education, and Life Perspective
Show Details1hr 25min
S2 E3 - Education
Show Details1hr 26min
S2 E2 - Deanna Braun: Wedding Photographer, Calgary Native, Published Artist, and Business Owner
Show Details1hr 18min
S2 E1 - Upload Download: Coffee vs. Tea and Sleeping-in vs. Staying up
Show Details1hr 8min
S1 E16 - Christmas Special
Show Details1hr 54min
S1 E15 - Brandon Waardenburg: Coffee Shop Owner, International Relationships, Business, and Community Impact
Show Details1hr 31min
S1 E14 - Matthew Ellis: Teacher, New Father, Faith Deconstruction, and Recording Artist
Show Details1hr 32min
S1 E13 - Desiree Arthur: Singer, Music Studio Director, Race Equality, and Life Experience
Show Details1hr 26min
S1 E12 - Broadtree: Musicians, Musical Theatre, Quarantine Music, Advocacy, and Mental Health
Show Details1hr 25min
S1 E11 - Keddy Munroe: Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Growth, Mental Health, and Personal Development
Show Details1hr 26min
S1 E10 - Andrea Ellis: Musician, New Mother, Teacher, and Multiple Jobs
Show Details1hr 33min
S1 E9 - Amanda Yskes: Newborn Photographer, Mother, Entrepreneur, and Creative Business Owner
Show Details1hr 14min
S1 E8 - Sara-Mae Dafoe: Music Teacher, Recording Artist, Creativity, and Mental Health
Show Details1hr 27min
S1 E7 - Joshua MacDonald: Video Game Developer, Gamification, and F1 Fanatic
Show Details1hr 29min
S1 E6 - Gabriel Castillo (GEESTiLLO): Music Producer, NE Born Calgarian, Musician, and Car Enthusiast
Show Details47min 26s
S1 E5 - Jeremy Duncan: Pastor, Adoptive Father, LGBTQ Ally, and Scholar
Show Details59min 19s
S1 E4 - Mitch and Laura Jay: Parents, Musicians, Small Town Origins, and Communal Living
Show Details1hr 11min
S1 E3 - Rosey Bishop: Farm Girl, Mother, and Lover of People
Show Details1hr 3min
S1 E2 - Mitch Osmond: Pastor, Musician, Husband and Entrepreneur
Show Details1hr 7min
S1 E1 - Kelly Kreiger: Teacher, Autism Mom, and Singer
Show Details55min 50s
Ep0 - Unexpected Experts: Trailer Episode
Show Details4min 57s