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Uncork with Court

Welcome to Uncork with Court. Each episode, we'll dive into the up & downs of adulting, dating, current events, and more. But that's not all. Each episode will also feature a bottle of vino for taste and review. So sit back, pour a glass, and let's try to figure out one of life's biggest questions once and for all. Red or white?

Have any questions or topics you would like for me to cover? Don't be shy & slide in my DMs. Or just follow me on Instagram → @courtneyrenee___


Are Black Women Less Desirable? Part I
Show Details23min 34s
Why You Need to Leave Your Hometown
Show Details16min 13s
Table Talk : Back in the Dating Game
Show Details35min 33s
A Therapy Session : Keep It 100
Show Details47min 45s
Hella Confident in 2021
Show Details9min 54s