Ep 045 | Sex, Drugs, & Rock N Roll [without the drugs]

Season 4 | Episode 44
48m | Jul 24, 2023

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll…..the teenage musician dream right? Today we dive into the testimony of our newest co-host, Captain Chaos himself, Palmer.

Palmer has been on stage almost all his life, but it wasn’t always for God. While his story may be different from a lot of the other testimony’s we hear, he does have a recovery story. As we find out drugs and alcohol were never really an addiction for him, but fame, fortune, and women were!

Join Josh, and Drew, as they sit down with Palmer and find out more about where he came from, more about his recovery story, and where he is now in his recovery.

Palmer is also the lead singer for Given Grace. To learn more about them please check out


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