MM: Sorry Not Sorry Mommy Edition: So You Think You're Tired

8m | Sep 15, 2022

This episode is a new segment of Unapologetically Me Mommy Moments. Sorry Not Sorry Mommy Edition is birthed from releasing some of the thoughts we have as moms. We often don’t say exactly what we want or exactly what we are thinking and #1 is the inaugural episode So You Think You’re Tired. It’s perceived just because we are moms and women that we are supposed to do it all with no help. Just because most of the time we can doesn’t mean we want to and how dare you twist your lips to even say you’re tired. 

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00:00 Sorry Not Sorry Mommy Edition #1 So You Think You’re Tired

00:18  Welcome Back  to  Mommy Moments: Unapologetically MommyHood

01:28  Mommies do a Lot

04:01 There are Levels to being Tired

04:35 The difference between Moms and Men

06:18 Just because you’re Mommy doesn’t mean you have to Endure

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