Organizing and Decluttering Made Simple Mommy Moment #05

14m | Mar 17, 2022

Do you lack organizing and decluttering skills? Are you like me and want organizing and decluttering to be made simple. Well I got you. Home Organization and decluttering is not my jam nor do I want it to be my Jam ; ). It’s not what I am good at. But I found somebody who is and I am providing the cliff notes version to you cause I know you may be busy doing Boss Mom ish. So today we take a Mommy Moment to discuss how we can add in Organizing and/or Decluttering into our day in just a few minutes. This will definitely help on our journey of MommyHood and Entrepreneurship. Listen in and join me.

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00:00 Organizing and Decluttering Made Simple

01:30 Sponsor: Thrive After Nine Tribe

01:53 Welcome to Mommy Moments a Segment of Unapologetically MommyHood

02:27 Effects of Clutter on Mental and Physical Health

03:23 Tik Tok Mishaps

04:38 Organizing and Decluttering CLiff Notes Version Begins Here

05:15 Buying More things to Organize Increases Clutter

06:01 Step 1 Declutter in 5 minutes or less a day- But How?

08:30 Step 2 Organization Everything Needs a Space- But How?

09:14 Landing Zone? Command center? Clutter Keeper?

10:36 I don’t need more of THOSE

11:45 Step 3 Daily Tidy Up in 10 Mins- But How?

13:16 Tip of the Day- You will want to hear this one

Full organization video with The Clutterbug


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