Constructive Vs. Destructive Communication with Your Kids Mommy Moments #06

15m | Apr 18, 2022

Sometimes as parents we are destructive without even knowing it. Reacting instead of responding, projecting our wishes, thoughts, and fears onto our children when we should be allowing them to flourish how they were naturally intended to. Today we talk about the difference between Constructive vs. Destructive Communication with our children. These are ways to communicate with them to lift them up instead of ways that are causing damage. This will definitely help on our journey of MommyHood and Entrepreneurship. Listen in and join me.

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00:00 Constructive vs. Destructive Communication with your kids

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01:18 Welcome to Mommy Moments a Segment of Unapologetically MommyHood

02:01 Definition of Constructive and Destructive

02:46 GIving our kids what they need not what we want

03:36 Unconsciously Causing Harm

04:03 Serving Yourself

05:56 How does destructive feedback start

06:45 What are some Constructive behaviors

08:42 What are some Destructive Behaviors and alternatives

10:32 Sometimes as adults we think kids shouldn’t ask questions

11:31 Don’t focus on the negative

11:55 Tone helps or hurts communication

13:19 Destructive feedback effects on your child may not show up until later

14:24 Be more self aware and take adult time-outs

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