DIY Branding Using Canva Ep. 13 w/ DK Jonah

Episode 13
45m | Mar 28, 2022

Some quick ideas for moms to DIY Brand your content and business using CANVA. Sometimes we need to get something out quickly or done on our own schedule and can’t search for someone to do it for us. Valid right. As moms we need to do it when we are available and sometimes that means doing it ourselves. So I got you. On this episode I spoke with Digital Media Specialist DK Jonah about creating content using this tool that we hear so often CANVA. We talked being intentional with the time we have available and utilizing templates, and so much more

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00:00 DIY Branding Using Canva

01:18 Sponsor: Thrive After Nine

02:21 Welcome to Unapologetically MommyHood

04:34 Why DIY Branding?

06:05 Find little pockets of time

06:53 Planning, Steps, Consistency

09:24 Moms you are doing a good job

10:46 Steal Pockets of Time

11:26 Branding from ABC

14:32 Share what you are good at

16:07 One Major Mistake we All Make

17:42 Create Quick with Canva

19:48 How to Search Canva for Templates

21:07 How to get Canva Templates Made for You

24:59 Make Quick Content in Canva (Tutorial)

33:44 Steal Like an Artist

34:53 Sponsor: Thrive After Nine

36:42 Do what works for you

38:20 The Perfect Time is Never

40:33 Put it out there it doesn’t have to be perfect

41:16 Find a encouraging community

42:10 DK’s 90 Day Content Planner

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