Mental Health for Moms Prenatal PostNatal Perinatal Ep. 11 w The Doula Therapist Nikita Pechan

Episode 11
1h 13m | Mar 14, 2022

Mental health can seem taboo and definitely not the first thing on your mind as a soon to be or new mother. Mental health for moms prenatal, postnatal, perinatal is so very important for her wellbeing. So we focused in on not just postpartum mental health but the health before, during, and after birth to help moms understand that at all points if you ae feeling overwhelmed, just bearing with it, or like you are about to get to a point of not being in control that it is okay to get help and for as long as you need starting from the point you need it. You are mom but you don’t have to bear it or be strong alone. I sat down with Perinatal Wellness Coach The Doula Therapist of Golden Aura Wellness Niketa Pechan and we had a great conversation about stigmas, recognizing the signs, when to get help, where to get help, and how to get help among other things. Listen in and join us.

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00:00 Mental Health For Moms Prenatal, Postnatal, Perinatal

03:46 Sponsor: Thrive After Nine

04:10 Welcome to Unapologetically MommyHood

06:43 Why Perinatal Wellness

11:30 I went through PostPartum SO I understand Both Sides

14:41 Doula, Advocacy, Speaking Out

18:25 You Need Information to Advocate For Yourself You Have Options

23:51 Where is the Disconnect that can become Postpartum Depression

26:01 Adjustments have to be made without a plan

30:42 What are Some Signs to Look for in Postpartum Depression

31:50 Postpartum Support International

34:24 How to find the right Specialty Therapist

37:29 Common Thoughts Mothers Have and Don’t Feel Safe Speaking On

41:35 Encouraging Words to Not Suck it Up and Instead Get Help

43:03 Change the Narrative and Create a Safe Space

46:51 Why is a Birth Plan Important

49:04 You want to be ahead You don’t Just Show up to a marathon to run you prepare

51:51 Birth Plan also includes Newborn Care Everything is Optional

53:26 Make Sure Your Provider is Supportive

57:40 What are the benefits of Prental Yoga, Perinatal Therapy, and Having A Doula

59:49 You can see a chiropractor while pregnant

01:03:40 How long is Postpartum Really

01:05:13 Ask for Help if You are Having a Hard time

01:06:55 Tool of the Day

01:08:22 Nikita’s Tip of the Day

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