Mommyhood From Daddy's Point of View Ep. 12 W Derek Johns, Rod Richard, & Tyrone Void Jr.

Episode 12
1h 38m | Mar 21, 2022

This episode we opened the doors of the MommyHood to get the Daddy’s point of view. Having the hard conversations is most of the time needed to gain a greater understanding and improve not only relationships but communication and the family dynamic. These dad’s have come in and laid it all bare, flat out and real. They didn’t hold back, they were unapologetic just how we like it inside of the MommyHood. We had a really phenomenal and transparent conversation around how dad’s interpret mommyhood. All of our guests are Father's with fatherhood Podcasts Derek Johns, Rod Richard, and Tyrone Void Jr. Listen in and join us.

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00:00 Mommyhood from Daddy’s Point of View

01:19 Sponsor: Growing In Love Together

01:38 Welcome to Unapologetically MommyHood

04:15 Let’s start with an easy question

05:35 Why Fatherhood?

08:55 Each Child is like an algorithm

10:03 Is Mommy or Daddy the Director or Laid Back

15:02 Communication before and after the kids

21:12 I had to communicate more

24:31 Do you get the wife check?

26:14 I did things that looked right but I wasn’t always connected

29:39 Sponsor: Thrive After Nine

32:12 What did you do all day?

33:31 That would be a Death Sentence

35:04 It’s way more than managing the kids

36:29 Mommy and Daddy Working and Switching off with the kids

39:11 Your Relationship Changes During the Pandemic

41:16 Choose your battles

42:34 I took on the “traditional” mother role

44:49 I was being a Jerk

46:26 I didn’t realize until everything stopped how much time I wasn’t at home

50:49 If it was static in the house I just had to get to my work trip to get away

53:12 Are moms only good for Holidays and Birthdays?

57:09 Men have to validate their existence

01:01:16 Me and my wife’s love language are completely different

01:07:14 Communication advice to get to success from dad to mommy

01:11:08 Make sure we know we are having a conversation

01:13:33 Have a conversation to understand not try to be understood

01:15:36 We don’t want to be disappointments 

01:19:13 How do we (moms) come to you without you getting defensive

01:24:00 Ego is Just the Birth Child of Insecurity

01:29:51 Rod’s Pet Peeve and Tip 

01:32:00 D John’s Pet Peeve and Tip

01:33:18 Tyrone’s Pet Peeve and Tip

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