Mindfulness and Meditation For Kids & Mommy in Just 5 Minutes Ep. 09 Yvonne Hernandez

Episode 9
1h 5m | Feb 21, 2022

In Just 5 Minutes you can practice Mindfulness and Meditation for kids and YOU. Self-Care is also being able to integrate what will serve us with our children so that there won’t be a reason or excuse to put things off including ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves as mothers, even if we have the kids around. So today, we're going to be focusing on one area of self-care for us and our kids that can be done together. On this episode, I spoke with the owner and founder of Decide Balance about how to do meditation and mindfulness with kids. We had a really great conversation about making it a regular practice and a part of your everyday life in just 5 Minutes.

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