Mommy and Superwoman are Synonymous So ReCharge, ReSync, Reset- Mommy Moments #04 Cameasha

33m | Mar 8, 2022

You are Mommy and Superwoman and Sometimes it is Synonymous but it is not the same. Everyone wants us as a Mom to be and do all the things but there is the point where we have to take the cape off to make sure we are being the best we can be and that is okay. We have to take the time to Recharge, Resync, and Reset so that we can operate in our best selves for our homes and business. So today we take a Mommy Moment to discuss what this looks like on our journey of MommyHood and Entrepreneurship. Listen in and join me.

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00:00 Mommy and Superwoman are Synonymous so Recharge, Resync, Reset

02:25 Sponsor: Thrive After Nine Tribe

02:47 Welcome to Mommy Moments a Segment of Unapologetically MommyHood

04:00 It’s Important we Don’t Just Exist As a Mom But for Ourselves Too

05:23 Slowing down to Thrive is a Life System: Take notes Recharge

06:58 Our Bodies Can Burnout too

09:30 Taking the Time to Say No

10:30 No is not a Dirty Word

11:10 Helpful Phrases if You Have a Hard Time Saying No

13:18 Practice Consciously Saying No

15:23 Practice Consciously Saying No in Your Household

16:14 Consistent You Time

18:20 Pick a Day and Time Right Now

18:51 Join Thrive After Nine Community for Mom Entrepreneurs

19:40 Pick and Set a Reminder for Everyone that it’s Your Uninterrupted Time

21:40 Reduce Blowups, Breakdowns, and Burnout

23:44 Take the time to Release, Why it’s important

25:31 Take time to Laugh, Why it’s important

27:52 Take the time to activate the “feel good” hormones

30:02 Have you ever exercised or had some amazing food and noticed a good mood change

30:56 Mom Entrepreneur Give Yourself Grace

32:28 Don’t compare yourself Go at a Pace that Feels Good to You


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