Affirmations that Design Your Life Ep. 14 w/ Writer and Designer Kahdija Imari

Episode 14
1h 5m | Apr 11, 2022

Build the life that you envision by positively power charging your thoughts. We are talking about Affirmations that Design Your Life. As Moms, working our homes and businesses we need all the extra help we can get when it comes to self-care and taking the time to focus on what we need to be successful. With intentionally and actively using affirmations you can get on the right track to mastering your thoughts and creating positive action in your life. Confidence, self-love, self-esteem, and positive uplifting self-talk is on the other side. I sat down with writer and designer Kahdija Imari of 27th and Rose and we had an amazing conversation about her self-love journey, how affirmations has changed her life, how you can write and design your affirmations and so much more.

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00:00 Affirmation Design For Your Life

02:02 Sponsor: Melanated Self-Love Series

02:43 Welcome to Unapologetically MommyHood

04:51 Why Affirmations?

06:09 I struggled with self-doubt and low self-esteem

07:58 This is not the life I envisioned for you

11:25 Use affirmations in your home and business

12:17 Affirmations and Self-Care started first

12:35 Speaking to the Younger Me

15:20 By taking action you gain more confidence

17:46 Get addicted to the Happy Hormones

19:22 Whatever you do, do it with conviction

20:32 You feel like your friends and family don’t get you

22:26 How do I know what to write?

24:23 Negative self-talk is natural it happens

25:28 You can choose to make a decision to be in your own corner

26:57 Sponsor: Thrive After Nine

27:38 What is your process for writing affirmations

29:27 Step 2 The thought process

31:59 How is your life impacted

34:16 People will try to sway your thoughts

35:52 Live affirmation writing demonstration

38:11 My affirmation speaks to me I know my struggle

39:30 You are enough it doesn’t mean you don’t need to be better

41:53 Do what you really want to do

43:38 Design is very important to help set moods and vibes

46:23 We all have different aspect triggers (design types)

48:09 What do you want to present to the world

48:57 communicating unintentionally or intentionally

49:52 What do you genuinely prefer

53:16 Design for yourself or get someone to do it for you

54:06 Scope out who you work with can you work together

58:03 Tool of the Day

1:00:07 Tip of the Day

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