How to Market Your Children's Book Ep. 15 w Micaela S Benn

Episode 15
1h 20m | Apr 25, 2022

On This episode we talk about how to market your children’s book. Don’t have a book? We also talk about how to get started. If you are a mom or mompreneur that has a book idea or put your book to the side because you didn’t know what to do. This episode is for you. We talked illustrators, production, distribution, marketing, and so much more. Today's guest started right where you are when she sparked an idea in the shower and then acted on it and wrote a series of children's book called Little Mr. Fixit that focuses on the importance of being inclusive in the household, the relationship dynamics in the household and then building confidence and positive self esteem in your children. She is a branding and content marketing strategist for independent children's books, authors, helping them to make meaningful difference through the marketing, production and distribution of their books. Join as me and Micaela S. Benn talk Children’s book marketing and so much more. 

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00:00 How to Market Your Children’s Book

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02:04 Welcome to Unapologetically MommyHood

04:28 Why Children’s Book Marketing?

07:18 I got out the shower and I had an idea

09:30 The process started with a lot of questions and research

12:08 The illustrator style and vibe are important

19:26 What is considered the age for children’s books

23:05 Board Books

24:55 Children’s Book Types

28:18 A good children’s book length

32:18 5 Favorite Short Books for Bedtime

33:28 Sponsor: Thrive After Nine

34:10 What’s a good bedtime story length

36:13 What you should consider when deciding your children’s book length

38:34 Add something complimentary

43:12 What’s the first step in producing your children’s book

46:53 Don’t do it in secret

48:05 Types of Editing and Editors

50:49 Work for hire vs. collaboration

55:31 More considerations when choosing an illustrator

1:00:56 Marketing your book Basics

1:05:28 Do you want to make money as a children’s book author or is it a hobby

1:08:08 3 Creative Ways to Market Your Children’s Book

1:14:19 Tool of the Day Kiwi Crates

1:15:46 Micaela’s Tip of the Day

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