S1 E2 Mindful Menstruation - Not a Wellness Trend But a Way of Life

Season 1 | Episode 2
21m | May 16, 2023

Mindful Menstruation (aka Cycle Awareness) is not a wellness trend but rather a way of life for the evolving woman. For too long now, many women have had negative feelings and experiences attached to their menstrual cycle. This hugely important and integral aspect of our human existence has been suppressed, ignored, misunderstood, ridiculed and seen as something shameful to hide away from. Times are changing - can we get a "Woop"? More and more of us are tuning in to our bodies and unlocking the suppressed wisdom it inherently holds. It really is an exciting time as more and more healers, therapists and teachers are incorporating new methods related to the menstrual cycle into their work to help women to heal naturally and holistically, connected to their own inner rhythms and cycles.

As well as explaining more about Mindful Menstruation and its benefits, in this 'Blogcast' episode Rebecca talks about how Stress Management, Food as Medicine and the Practice of Yoga can support a mindful and healthy menstrual cycle. As always, Rebecca’s podcast includes self-reflection for you and some golden nuggets of advice and inspiration for the listener. It is advised that you grab your journal and a cuppa, get comfortable and dedicate the next 20 minutes to you - you deserve it!

Quoted: “A woman in touch with the wisdom of her body is a woman that will heal the world” – Lauren Geersten kindly gave her permission for this to be used. Follow @body_connection_coach for more of Lauren's wisdom and inspiration. She is doing some really important work.

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