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Holistic Health & Wellbeing - Ultimate Holistic Escapes

Dedicate quality time to yourself and discover exactly what you need to heal, evolve and grow. We provide guidance, self-help tools and holistic health advice to help you reach and maintain a state of well-being. There is only one way with this podcast series, and that is forward. What are you waiting for? It is time for you!


S3. Ep13 Samantha Hadadi, aka The Wellness Goddess, joins Rebecca for a candid chat about women's hormonal health
Show Details1hr 3min
S3. Ep12 Guided Body Scan For Self-Healing & Deep Relaxation
Show Details25min 1s
S3. Ep11 Ali Irving, a vegan plant-based recipe blogger, joins Rebecca to talk openly and honestly about their experiences of a vegan diet
Show Details57min 21s
S3. Ep10 Heart Chakra Sound Healing Meditation
Show Details10min 13s
S3. Ep9 Advanced Hypnotherapist and Trauma Freedom Coach Emma Elizabeth - new book, what is trauma? and how Emma's therapies are helping to improve people's lives
Show Details49min 22s
S3. Ep8 Root Chakra Sound Healing Meditation
Show Details9min 12s
S3. Ep7 Chronic and Acute Stress - recognise and manage stress for improved health and wellbeing
Show Details31min 34s
S3. Ep6 Practical Tips and Inspiration for Holistic Health & Wellbeing - Natural Healing Methods that are Accessible to All
Show Details36min 51s
S3. Ep5 Musician Lawrence Libert shares the story behind his 'Beautiful Earth' album and his business 'Wellness Through Sound'
Show Details49min 45s
S3. Ep4 Make Peace with Your Inner Voice
Show Details25min 10s
S3. Ep3 What do we really mean by “healing” in complementary and alternative medicine?
Show Details21min 54s
S3. Ep2 Learning to be less reactive – the practice of equanimity
Show Details25min 44s
S3. Ep1 Why go on retreat? Discover a path to the true nature of what it means to be human...
Show Details21min 27s
S2. Ep7 Stephanie Bertenshaw inspires us with the story behind 'Wild Living'
Show Details22min 11s
S2. Ep6 BONUS EPISODE Mindfulness Meditation Class for Absolute Beginners & Those Exploring Traditional Methods
Show Details22min 20s
S2. Ep5 Emma Shipley, founder of Mindful Women's Walks, talks about the immense benefits of mindfulness in nature
Show Details48min 2s
S2. Ep4 Featuring Gina Hornby (creator of @andbreathe_challenges) sharing her inspiring story on how it all began!
Show Details26min 47s
S2. Ep3 pt 2/2 Kate Sassanelli of Sass Yoga & Wellbeing is Back for Part 2
Show Details29min 42s
S2. Ep3 pt 1/2 Sass Yoga & Wellbeing - Meet Kate Sassanelli, Founder and Movement & Yoga Teacher
Show Details18min 42s
S2. Ep2 Emma Elizabeth Offers an Insight into Rapid Transformational Therapy
Show Details31min 56s
S2. Ep1 Emotional Exhaustion - Where to Start, with Dr. Lydia
Show Details15min 36s
S1. Ep9 UHE founder & podcast host Rebecca shares her inspiring & motivational story
Show Details32min 6s
S1. Ep8 Becoming Your Authentic Self
Show Details22min
S1. Ep7 Movement is Life
Show Details16min 31s
S1. Ep6 Five Ways to Wellbeing
Show Details13min 26s
S1. Ep5 Opening the Heart Chakra with Loving Kindness
Show Details20min 5s
S1. Ep4 Surrender for Spiritual Growth
Show Details12min 41s
S1. Ep3 Accept Change & Flow Through Life
Show Details15min 38s
S1. Ep2 Self-Analysis for Stress Relief & Improved Wellbeing (with Third Eye Chakra Meditation)
Show Details26min 45s
S1. Ep1 Mindfulness for Inner Peace & Perspective
Show Details17min 40s
S1. Ep0 Your journey begins here...
Show Details16min 13s