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Ultimate Guide to Self Publishing

Manuel Godoy, the creator of Black Sands teaches the absolute secrets of indie publishing success. He has sold well over 200,000 books independently, launched a webtoons app, raised millions, runs a top comic Patreon community in the world, and also secured a deal on Shark Tank with Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban.

He is the ultimate coach for any up and coming creators and his gritty, no nonsense approach has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans on social media. This is the most important podcast in your life. Subscribe today!


The Beat Sheet Act 3: Finish the job!
Show Details14min 57s
The Beat Sheet Act 2: The Fun and Games
Show Details14min 49s
Writing Time: The first five beats of the Beat Sheet
Show Details16min 16s
Equity Crowdfunding: Interview with Wefunder on how to fund your business!
Show Details31min 34s
Kickstart your project! How to run a successful Kickstarter campaign
Show Details20min 42s
Make Money like Netflix! How to secure patreon subscribers for your book!
Show Details24min 47s
Writing Opportunities! The Black Sands Universe is open to new writers!
Show Details15min 23s
Summarize or Die! Know how to get an Agent's attention
Show Details18min 34s
Securing the deal with Kevin Hart on Shark Tank! Best Moment Ever
Show Details17min 8s
Choose Your Audience Wisely! Common mistakes people make before writing
Show Details17min 52s
Log Lines! The most important two sentences of your life
Show Details17min 31s
Avoid these mistakes that can ruin your career before you even begin! Partnerships and Collabs
Show Details20min 58s
The $100k a year Blueprint. What best sellers won't tell you!
Show Details18min 32s
Vanity Metrics & Criticism? What to listen to and what to ignore
Show Details18min 40s