UFFL The Podcast

Nick Fontenot and Cory Dugas discuss the greatest keeper fantasy football league in the land while simultaneously keeping track of the entire fantasy football landscape through their myriad of other leagues.


Episode 8: 112.18-111.74
Show Details23min 17s
Episode 7: The Ryan Dice Effect
Show Details37min 27s
Episode 6: Back From the Bye Week
Show Details37min 11s
Episode 5: Never picking Dice again...ever.
Show Details37min 20s
Episode 4: "With the No. 2 pick in the 2020 UFFL Draft..."
Show Details54min 26s
Episode 3: Possibly the Final Episode
Show Details35min 26s
Episode 2: This is not a Saints Podcast
Show Details40min 2s
Episode 1: It's a Jungle Out There
Show Details34min 2s