Hello and Welcome to the TYREE HAS THE AUDACITY!? Podcast! I'm Tyree, and I am really excited to be your host this morning, afternoon, and evening. I will be dissecting all aspects of life; lesson after lesson, chapter by chapter, and be warned, your issues will be discussed. Here, I will uplift, inspire, and challenge the common way of thinking. Enjoy!


THTA - S2E8 - Stop Accepting the Unacceptable!
Show Details17min 40s
THTA - S2E7 - Christmas is here!
Show Details28min 49s
THTA - S2E6 (Mini Episode) - YOU'RE A THIEF!
Show Details9min
THTA - S2E5 - Should the world cater to the LGBTQ+ community?
Show Details29min 10s
THTA - S2E4 - What do you want from me?
Show Details23min 13s
THTA - S2E3 - Can I have some "Me" time?
Show Details23min 35s
THTA - S2E2 - You're on top! What's next?
Show Details28min 47s
THTA - S2E1 - Can You Win?
Show Details30min
THTA - Episode #10 - Are you pleased with yourself?
Show Details35min 39s
THTA - Episode #9 - Break Free from Toxic Situations
Show Details32min 24s
THTA - Episode #7 - Be Selfish!
Show Details33min 37s
THTA - Episode #6 - Practice What You Preach
Show Details32min 57s
THTA - Episode #5 - Sorry, I have sinned...and so have you!
Show Details40min 9s
THTA - Episode #4 - Keep That Same Energy
Show Details17min 29s
Show Details21min 36s
THTA - Episode #2 - Liars! Of All Kind
Show Details48min 16s
THTA - Episode #1 - The Four Letter Word
Show Details39min 59s