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The Way We View It

The Way We View It is an unfiltered conversation between two friends…straight up no chaser! Tune in for an inside look at the way we view things. Send questions and comments to

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Episode 18 - Mama's Boy
Show Details38min 39s
Episode 17 - Who takes rejection or women?
Show Details30min 51s
Episode 16 - What Attracts a Woman to a Man vs What Attracts a Man to a Woman
Show Details35min 27s
Episode 15 - Communicating Relationship Expectations
Show Details33min 55s
Episode 14 -Cheating!
Show Details26min 10s
Episode 13 - Would you date someone with kids?
Show Details35min 34s
Episode 12 -Can a person you are dating leave personal items at you home without your permission?
Show Details32min 58s
Episode 11 -Is Dating Really that Expensive?
Show Details31min 25s
Episode 10 - Madly In Love to Mortal Enemies or the Best of Friends
Show Details28min 38s
Episode 9 - Can a Woman Have Sex Without Catching Feelings?
Show Details27min 42s
Episode 8 - Texting vs Face to Face Talk
Show Details43min 32s
Episode 7 - Colorism in the Black Community
Show Details30min 32s
Episode 6 - Politically Unaware or Just Don't Care
Show Details30min 48s
Episode 5 - How Do You Know When You've Gone From Talking to Dating?
Show Details32min
Episode 4 - Metrosexual
Show Details20min 9s
Episode 3 - What is a Fuckboy?
Show Details26min 13s
Episode 2 - Do You Tell Your Partner if the Sex is Bad?
Show Details31min 25s
Episode 1 - Splitting the Bills 50/50?
Show Details37min 40s