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Two Tunes Podcast

Each week Beau and Brandon bring a new tune to the table. The other person gets a short time beforehand to listen to the other person’s tune and then they discuss. Beau and Brandon will use their tune selections to broaden each other’s horizons and expand their musical knowledge - and yours, too! We hope you enjoy listening each week and will discover new tunes, bands, artists, and musicians to check out and support.


90. No Trigger / Niiice
Show Details27min 6s
89. Nervous Dater / Demi Lovato
Show Details33min
88. WILLOW / J. Maya
Show Details25min 42s
87. Michael Cera Palin / St. Vincent
Show Details38min 9s
86. Muse / Carol Ades
Show Details46min 50s
85. Béla Fleck / Drumming Bird
Show Details39min 32s
84. Pool Kids / Home is Where
Show Details49min 36s
83. Frank Turner / The Beacon Sound Choir
Show Details43min 48s
82. Dragged Under / mae
Show Details53min 23s
81. Leith Ross / Yvette Young
Show Details31min 1s
80. JER / The Ongoing Concept
Show Details45min 4s
79. River Oaks / TTNG
Show Details39min 22s
78. Polyphia/ The O.C. Supertones
Show Details33min 32s
77. New Found Glory/ Lennon Stella
Show Details50min 18s
76. Boygenius /Sammy Rae & The Friends
Show Details30min 26s
75. Serge Chaloff / Silverstein
Show Details41min 2s
74. Sam Tinnesz / Sherwood
Show Details54min 27s
Show Details35min 8s
72. Panic Shack / Julia Michaels
Show Details22min 46s
71. Luke Christopher / Maggie Rogers
Show Details33min 16s
70. Origami Angel / Michelle Willis
Show Details34min 55s
69. Ariana Grande / Kills Birds
Show Details28min 33s
1. Bonus Episode - Church Girls Interview
Show Details26min 16s
68. Lainey Wilson / Tippi McGarry
Show Details28min 30s
67. Fruit Bats/ Matt Copley & Noise Machine
Show Details33min 28s
66. Nic D/ Prince Daddy & the Hyena
Show Details42min 2s
65. Anxious & John Mayer Trio
Show Details50min 58s
64. Abby Cates & Joy Oladokun
Show Details26min 36s
63. Dissidente & BTS
Show Details39min 14s
62. Scary Pockets & Ellie Goulding
Show Details43min 1s
61. Our Lady Peace & Games We Play
Show Details46min 40s
60. Yebba & Dijon
Show Details37min 31s
59. Kalie Shorr & Magnolia Park
Show Details34min 41s
58. Blossom Caldarone & Lupe Fiasco
Show Details33min 53s
57. Milquetoast & Co. and Stacey Ryan & Zai1k
Show Details42min 58s
56. Lil Dicky & Relient K
Show Details42min 3s
55. Semler & Stop.Drop.Rewind
Show Details29min 39s
54. Butcher Brown & Tears for Fears
Show Details28min 5s
53. PUP & John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
Show Details56min 18s
52. Death Cab for Cutie & Sincere Engineer
Show Details36min 53s
51. Charley Bliss & Wolves at the Gate
Show Details48min 22s
50. Soulive & Jenn Champion
Show Details34min 24s
49. The Homeless Gospel Choir & Pink Martini
Show Details41min 47s
48. Roy Hargrove & Twelve Foot Ninja
Show Details36min 25s
47. Church Girls & MARO
Show Details33min 35s
46. Cautious Clay & Coheed & Cambria
Show Details38min 38s
45. Andrew Bird & Sub-Radio
Show Details30min 18s
44. TV Theme Songs
Show Details25min 16s
43. clipping. & The Devil Wears Prada
Show Details33min 3s
42. Dua Lipa & Alkaline Trio
Show Details31min 4s
41. Dead Man's Bones & Rufus Wainwright
Show Details28min 11s
40. Phoebe Bridgers & We Are The Union
Show Details34min 58s
39. Common Holly & DEZI
Show Details26min 23s
38. Orla GartLand & La Luz
Show Details41min 10s
37. Bear Ghost & Kings Kaleidoscope
Show Details38min 32s
36. Nine Inch Nails & Cory Wong
Show Details49min 20s
35. Midtown & Jessica Daye
Show Details41min 28s
34. Alina Engibaryan & Catbite
Show Details34min 2s
33. Bayside & Shrek Is Love
Show Details39min 4s
32. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra & Heart-Shaped Tracks
Show Details44min 7s
31. Saleka & The Hush Sound
Show Details38min 26s
30. Meet Me @ The Alter & Us3
Show Details52min 53s
29. Turnstile & JP Saxe
Show Details28min 31s
28. Annie DiRusso & Pom Pom Squad
Show Details45min 34s
27. New Order & Swear and Shake
Show Details46min 58s
26. The Westerlies & Against me!
Show Details28min 28s
25. We Are The Union & Pansy Division
Show Details44min 37s
24. Joey Dosik & Alexisonfire
Show Details40min 19s
23. The Juliana Theory & Wolves At the Gate
Show Details58min 9s
22. Anderson .Paak & SHAED
Show Details40min 3s
21. Moss & Will Jay
Show Details49min
20. Mad Caddies & Jamie Cullum
Show Details36min 11s
19. House of Waters & Meg Myers
Show Details34min 58s
18. Names Without Numbers & Cody Fry
Show Details31min 32s
17. Bill Laurance & Holly Humberstone
Show Details29min 48s
16. No Use For A Name & American Football
Show Details45min 18s
15. AURORA & Blossom Dearie
Show Details46min 44s
14. El Michels Affair & Lorenzo Wolff and Grace McLean
Show Details48min 34s
13. Weezer & Incubus
Show Details55min 16s
12. Underoath & Thrice
Show Details1hr 3min
11. Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme & Trent Reznor and Cody Fry, Cory Wong & Dynamo
Show Details59min 44s
10. Victoria Canal & Manchester Orchestra
Show Details1hr 5min
9. Saul Williams & Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Show Details57min 35s
8. Sammy Rae & Slothrust
Show Details40min 16s
7. The Dear Hunter & Girls in Airports
Show Details48min 58s
6. Lizzy McAlpine & NoFX
Show Details35min 28s
5. Poe & R.LUM.R
Show Details42min 41s
4. Nathaniel Dett & 22
Show Details34min 29s
3. The Dead Lights & Catie Turner
Show Details37min 20s
2. Kurt Elling & Matt Berninger
Show Details54min 29s
1. Bright Eyes & Tyondai Braxton
Show Details49min 32s
Show Details39s