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Two-Man Wall

Two brothers talkin' about the English game. About as enjoyable as standing in the wall of a blindfolded Granit Xhaka free kick.


World Cup MW1+2 - We like the World Cup
Show Details1hr 18min
Show Details1hr 23min
MW14 - The Endless Summerville ☀️⛱
Show Details1hr 3min
MW12/13 - Graham Potter and Curse of the Returning Manager 🪄
Show Details57min 3s
MW11 - All Hail Miguel Almirón 🙌
Show Details1hr 2min
MW10 - Haaland is Human(?)
Show Details55min 1s
Show Details1hr 7min
Intl. Break - Noah Beck Signs for Manchester United
Show Details54min 43s
MW7 - Ok Haaland, we get it
Show Details50min 30s
MW5+6 - VAR hates puppies
Show Details57min 59s
MW4 - Don't make Liverpool angry
Show Details53min 28s
MW3 - It's called soccer now
Show Details46min 3s
MW2 - Sucks to be United
Show Details1hr 3min
MW1 - Man United hit the ground crawling
Show Details52min 23s
🚨Premier League Spoilers🚨
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Reverse Fantasy Premier League Draft
Show Details1hr 5min
July 4th USMNT Special!
Show Details1hr 7min
Way-Too-Early World Cup Preview
Show Details1hr 21min
School's Out! End-of-Year Team Reviews!
Show Details1hr 4min
First Pod! Championship Sunday + UCL Final!
Show Details1hr 2min