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Two Friendless Friends Podcast

Two friends open up about the ups and downs of friendships, relationships, university life and internships (or lack thereof). Join us on our journey through young adulthood with Kelly's and Flora's non-stop complaints about their lack of friends.


Deep Dive + Chaos: Flora - TFF #27
Show Details1hr 2min
Life Update: We are back! - TFF #26
Show Details1hr 2min
Deep Dive + Chaos: Kelly’s weird brain - TFF #25
Show Details1hr 7min
Is it possible for society to be fully equal? - TFF #24
Show Details1hr 16min
How to land an internship or job - Google, Apple, Mecca, Mastercard - TF #23
Show Details1hr 23min
Ghosting. Is it acceptable? - TFF #22
Show Details1hr 12min
Is Social Media Good for Kids? - TFF #21
Show Details59min 32s
Partners!? Friends?! Relationships! Q&A - TFF #20
Show Details1hr 16min
G2KU: Enneagram - TFF #19
Show Details1hr 18min
Are Humans Inherently Good or Evil? 😇 😈- TFF #18
Show Details1hr 6min
G2KU: Moral Alignment - TFF #17
Show Details1hr 30min
Ethical Issues in Retail - TFF #16
Show Details1hr 8min
G2KU: Attachment Style … UNEXPECTED results - TFF #15
Show Details1hr 20min
Communication and Female Hygiene Products - TFF #14
Show Details56min 33s
G2KU: 16Personalites Edition - TFF #13
Show Details1hr 1min
Racism in the Asian Community - TFF #12
Show Details1hr 10min
Get to Know Us: Love Languages Edition - TFF #11
Show Details1hr 11min
how we MANAGE our TIME - TFF #10
Show Details59min 38s
How will TECHNOLOGY influence EDUCATION for children? - TFF #9
Show Details1hr 8min
GENDER EQUALITY in our lives -TFF #8
Show Details1hr 5min
GENDER BIAS in our EDUCATION system - TFF #7
Show Details1hr 1min
first ever Q&A! - TFF #6
Show Details52min 51s
two teens approach PERSONAL FINANCE - TFF #5
Show Details1hr 2min
can art be OBJECTIVELY judged? - TFF #4
Show Details54min 48s
UPBRINGING shaped our ACADEMIC stance ft Cursed Conversations - TFF #3
Show Details54min 44s
FRIENDSHIPS impacted by university and high school life - TFF #2
Show Details1hr 5min
Show Details47min 43s
who are the Two Friendless Friends? - TFF #0
Show Details21min 42s