Two Drink Minimum

Two Drink Minimum, A weekly podcast hosted by washed up vine star Jimmy Murrill and his hilarious friend Carly Ferrari. Get your daily dose of unsolicited advice, candid conversation, and the unfiltered opinions of these two train wrecks. They start recording each podcast after a minimum of two drinks. So come join the party, grab two drinks, and feel better about your life after listening to the way Jimmy and Carly live theirs. They did the walk of shame so you could stride with pride!Follow us on Instagram: @TwoDrnkMinimum @JimmyMurrill, @CarlyyFerrari, and @AliGayderr SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A 5 STAR REVIEW!


Episode 1- Gen Z's awkward phase is nonexistent.
Show Details34min 13s
Episode 11- If you can't spot the toxic friend in the group... it's you.
Show Details39min 28s
Episode 10- Jimmy's unethical life hacks.
Show Details57min 18s
Episode 9- Blackout Blues
Show Details48min 34s
Episode 8- Don't unblock them! It's a TRAP!
Show Details33min
Episode 7- Corona is a Cock Block
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 6- Marriage talk on the first date? Never a good idea!
Show Details58min 48s
Episode 5- Love isn't blind... it's cringy ASF!
Show Details58min 59s
Two Drink Minimum Trailer!
Show Details37s
Episode 4- Are you too old for that?
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 3-I can't be the only one who needs to know!
Show Details43min 57s
Episode 2-Lets get Social.
Show Details57min 44s
Episode 1- Don't get yellow carded this Valentines Day!
Show Details54min 10s
Episode 10- The Holiday Season Finale.
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 9-Go Shawty, Its Yo Birthday!
Show Details41min 40s
Episode 8- Meet The Hosts.
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 7- Friendsgiving and I Got Caught Cheating Cause of the Dog.
Show Details50min 32s
Episode 6- Roommates and Borderline Incest.
Show Details46min 38s
Episode 5- Types of Drunk People.
Show Details58min 41s
Episode 4- Happy Halloween!! Now give me your cheesesteak!
Show Details53min 16s
Episode 3- Red Flags and Shot Buying Etiquette...
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 2- Friend Vacations! The best time you never wanna have again!
Show Details56min 16s
Episode 1- Cure your pettiness with a wet rag!
Show Details44min 50s