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Two Americas One God

Honest, raw, unfiltered conversation unpacking the issues that have currently plague our society, culture, and faith. An in depth look at how the view of worship for many manages to produce two completely different schools of thought. Leaving many to ask how we got here, how to navigate through, and if we can ever find true resolve.

Welcome to a conversation space designed to figure all out, (do our best to) dismiss bias, call out the culprits, dispel all misinformation, and restore faith in…faith. A space designed to ensure truth continues to reclaim the fringes; figuring out how we ever became two americas…worshipping one God.


TRUTH>TRIBE | Patrick Miller
Show Details53min 17s
STACKS | Steven L Stack
Show Details1hr 18min
POLITIC PT 2 | Amber Ivey
Show Details40min 27s
POLITIC | Amber Ivey
Show Details45min 31s
MIND | Matt Tebbe
Show Details1hr 11min
CONTROL | Sharon Hodde Miller
Show Details53min 32s
UNBOSSED | Khristi Lauren Adams
Show Details1hr 6min
WORSHIP | Chris House
Show Details1hr 22min
Show Details1hr 13min
Show Details47min 18s
Object | Dana Che Williams
Show Details58min 18s
Friendship | Andi Andrew
Show Details55min 25s
Show Details52min 43s
Show Details55min 40s
Show Details1min 59s