Twinkl Podcasts: Back to School Mini Series

Share Your Story. The last 18 months have been tough. But it’s no surprise to us that once again, you’ve shown the world the astonishing lengths you’ll go to, to keep the world learning. We’ve never been prouder to help those who teach.

That’s why, over the next few weeks, you’ll be at the front and centre. We’ll be sharing #YourTwinklStory and featuring the experiences and stories of YOU, our members. 

In the lead up to the school return, our community will share their inspirational stories about their time in education, and how they prepare for school after summer. 

You lot make us proud, so watch this space so that we can celebrate, listen and learn together.


Annelies: The beginning is a good place to start
Show Details25min 26s
Chrissie: Pathways
Show Details15min 44s
Rich: Journeys
Show Details21min 22s
Hayley: Starting Again
Show Details8min 50s