Shogun Chapter 6 Podcast

Season 65 | Episode 6
1h 12m | Mar 26, 2024

This week we learn all about Lady Ochiba and Mariko's early life. We chat all about it in our spoiler filled discussion of Shogun Chapter 6 Ladies Of The Willow World. Make sure you've watched the episode before listening along with our podcast.

Shogun Chapter 6 Ladies Of The Willow World Details

Based on the 1975 novel Shogun by James Clavell

Head Writers: Rachel Kondo & Justin Marks

Episode Written by: Maegan Houang

Episode Directed by: Hiromi Kamata

Lady Ochiba returns to Osaka in order to accelerate the Regents’ campaign against Toranaga. In Ajiro, Toranaga tests Mariko’s loyalty to his cause.

Shogun Cast and characters

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Thanks for joining us for our chat all about Shogun Chapter 6. We'll be back next week with our podcast all about Shogun Chapter 7 "A Stick of Time".

Until then, Keep Watching and Keep Listening.

Derek and John

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