Turn Up The AC

Turn Up The AC takes an introspective, retrospective, and sometimes biographical look at the roots of our personal philosophies. We explore the motivations behind our realizations. Anyone who listens will quickly notice that we typically leave our stories open-ended. This approach allows listeners to personalize the experience. Turn Up The AC encourages people to explore how they think, and not just what they think.


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Living Out Loud
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Dang Near Royalty
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Out Of The Fire
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Drinking Poison
Show Details3min 15s
Cue My Music!
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Pink Carnations
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Joy In The Home
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Valentine's Day
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Half In
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Outside My Window
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The Carnival
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I Don't Know!
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Nobody Likes Me!
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New Year, New Me?
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Public Eye
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No Right Choice
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Pure and Absolute
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A Reason, A Season, And A Lifetime
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One In A Million
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I Want This Problem!
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First Impressions
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Show Details2min 48s
Why Do I Bother?
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The Face In The Mirror
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A Knock At The Door
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I Love You
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I Didn't Do Anything!
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Attitude Adjustment
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The Clock Is Ticking
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Follow The Leader
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Nice Dream
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Knight Rider
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Love Is Blind
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The Darkness
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Dear AC
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The Worst
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Should I Tell You?
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Big Deal
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Where Is My Shade?
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I'm Sorry
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Are You OK?
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It's Just Nikia (Self Care Tips)
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The Meaning
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Christmas Gifts
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Don't Give Up!
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Mr. Rogers
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Rejecting Eternity
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Kind Of Life
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I'm Not OK
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Earn Your Opinion
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Birthday Dinner
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751 Miles
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Three Words
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Too Far?
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The Cat
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I'm The Father
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Agree To Disagree
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Broken Plate
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