Tucson Bitcoin Podcast

Teaching financial literacy to combat wealth inequality in Tucson


Alex Gladstein on Bitcoin and Human Rights
Show Details47min 4s
Isaiah Jackson discusses how Bitcoin can address racism in our monetary system.
Show Details1hr 8min
Dre Thompson talks about the importance of small businesses
Show Details1hr 14min
Jimmy Song talks Government, Bitcoin, and Economics
Show Details1hr 3min
Bill Bergman talks banking and government debt
Show Details55min 33s
Pierre Rochard on Privacy, Austrian Economics, And Bitcoin
Show Details1hr 21min
Yan Pritzker explains Bitcoin Markets
Show Details1hr 10min
Shayne Mullen explains Blockfi
Show Details51min 16s
Robert Roman on Financial Literacy in Tucson
Show Details38min 53s
Sheila Weinberg from Truth in Accounting explains why government deficits matter
Show Details58min 19s
Ali Hamam on why he put his restaurants cash reserves in Bitcoin
Show Details1hr 2min
Greg Crennan Talks About Protecting Your Wealth From Out Of Control Central Bankers
Show Details1hr 26min
Jake Hanrahan from Popular Front talks Integrity in Journalism
Show Details38min 10s
FEDUPBIZOWNER talks Lending Markets, Politics, and Stimulus
Show Details1hr 23min
Dr. Dark talks Bitcoin, macroeconomics, hope in the future, and entrepreneurship
Show Details1hr 47min
Guy Swann Talks Wealth Inequality and Bitcoin
Show Details1hr 1min
WTF Happened in 1971 with Ben and Colin
Show Details49min 43s
Inflation is Killing you with Ed Butowsky
Show Details38min 55s