Ts&Zzz is a podcast to help you fall asleep by reading the most boring text on the internet; terms of service agreements, terms and conditions and privacy policies. We have all agreed to countless numbers of these contracts in our lives but have never actually read them and probably never will. Instead, we are putting them to use to help people get better sleep and maybe even learn something along the way.


Substack Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
Show Details35min 59s
DoorDash Terms and Conditions - Part 2
Show Details39min 38s
DoorDash Terms and Conditions - Part 1
Show Details33min 10s
Peacock Terms of Use - Part 2
Show Details39min 21s
Peacock Terms of Use - Part 1
Show Details40min 42s
Tactile Games - Terms of Service Part 2
Show Details17min 45s
Tactile Games Terms of Service - Part 1
Show Details26min 25s
RadioPublic Terms of Service
Show Details15min 21s
Imgur Terms of Use
Show Details17min 11s
Apple iOS 13 Terms of Service feat. Paul Miller
Show Details1hr 37min
Twitter Terms of Service
Show Details44min 29s
Google Terms of Service
Show Details55min 39s
Quibi Terms of Service
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Disney Terms of Use
Show Details1hr 2min
Netflix Terms of Use
Show Details26min 9s
Ts&Zzz x Podapalooza
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Zoom Terms of Service
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Facebook Terms of Service
Show Details23min 8s
Welcome To Ts&Zzz
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