A young Catholic married couple passionate about connecting the faith and pop culture. They spiritually analyze your favorite pop songs on the radio and focus on what is good, true, and beautiful in today’s society.


37: Holy
Show Details23min 12s
36: Sr. Bethany Maddona (Unplugged)
Show Details18min 18s
35: Sarah Swafford (Unplugged)
Show Details24min 1s
34: Redemption and Discernment Pt. 3 (Unplugged)
Show Details27min 27s
33: Redemption and Discernment Pt. 2 (Unplugged)
Show Details31min 44s
32: Redemption and Discernment Pt. 1 - (Unplugged)
Show Details34min 57s
31: Cuties PT. 2 (Unplugged)
Show Details16min 42s
30: Cuties PT. 1 (Unplugged)
Show Details12min 12s
29: Standing for Life (Unplugged)
Show Details12min 13s
28: Grace to Win the Fight (Unplugged)
Show Details16min 15s
27: Making Sense of Adulting and Suffering (TruthPop Unplugged)
Show Details14min 12s
26: I Hope
Show Details11min 46s
25: Consolation and Desolation (Unplugged)
Show Details19min 40s
24: Modern Loneliness
Show Details26min 20s
23: The Farewell
Show Details29min 22s
22: Adore You
Show Details24min 18s
21: What a Man Gotta Do
Show Details27min
20: 10,000 Hours
Show Details33min 35s
19: TruthPop for Life
Show Details23min 24s
18: 2019, The Year of Kanye
Show Details25min 26s
17: Don't Give Up on Me
Show Details23min 58s
16: Prayed For You
Show Details25min 14s
15: I Don't Care
Show Details15min 1s
14: Jennifer Fulwiler (Unplugged)
Show Details12min 32s
13: Bachelorette/You Need to Calm Down
Show Details19min 14s
12: Dancing with a Stranger/Yesterday
Show Details28min 1s
11: Toy Story 4
Show Details19min 57s
10: Chris Stefanick (TruthPop Unplugged)
Show Details13min 27s
9: Ellie Goulding - Close to Me
Show Details16min 41s
8: Halsey - Without Me
Show Details15min 41s
7: Leah Darrow (TruthPop Unplugged)
Show Details15min 50s
6: Panic at the Disco! - High Hopes
Show Details34min 50s
5: Dr. Scott Hahn (TruthPop Unplugged)
Show Details17min 47s
4: Dierks Bentley - Burning Man
Show Details28min 36s
3: Selena Gomez - Back to You
Show Details30min 55s
2: Marshmellow ft. Bastille - Happier
Show Details28min 30s
1: How We Met
Show Details27min 3s
0: Introduction
Show Details8min 51s