Truth & Share

Welcome to Truth & Share, a podcast where leadership team members of S&P Data, a premium sales and customer support services company, discuss a wide variety of topics. They will be joined by leaders and change-makers and will share their thoughts and have discussions revolving around subjects like building successful brands, entrepreneurship, society, the effects of COVID-19 and many more.

Truth & Share is everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask. And remember, the Truth shall set you free.


#011 // The key to making better financial decisions and becoming financially literate
Show Details12min 5s
#010 // Bret Boone, 3 time MLB All-Star, Father, Entrepreneur
Show Details25min 39s
#009 // Discussing Women in the workplace with Erin Gray
Show Details12min 36s
#008 // Talking leadership with Gregory Johnson
Show Details14min 29s
#007 // Meet Erin Gray: S&P Data's VP of Client Success
Show Details16min 13s
#006 // Meet Julie Plashkes: Startup Wife and Startup Mother
Show Details14min 30s
#005 // Leadership with Brian Cato
Show Details19min 45s
#004 // Meet S&P Data CRO: Gregory Johnson
Show Details12min 23s
#003 // Net Promoter Score (NPS) with the expert Muhidin Ndolanga
Show Details19min 40s
#002 // Working From Home During COVID-19
Show Details16min 1s
#001 // How To Be a Better Leader
Show Details20min 22s