Trumbull Dads

# 11 - Dads from Connecticut talking NFL, NCAA football, and their kids playing soccer.


24 - NHL Playoffs, NCAA football, NFL Fantasy Football
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23 - Sports Bubble Talk, NHL, MLB, Our kids play soccer
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22 - Return of Pro Sports - College Sports??, Golf & Covid Beers
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21 - Sports return from COVID-19, Best beers of Connecticut
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20 - NFL Draft, Michael Jordan, The Last Dance
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19 - NFL, Brady/Gronk, Draft, Quarantine Stinks
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18 - NFL, Surviving COVID-19, Dads & Beer
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17 - MLB, new rules, those cheatin' Astros, predictions, trivia
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16 - Kobe, NY Knicks game experience, Super Bowl
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15 - Fantasy Football, NFL, NCAA Football playoffs
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# 14 - Nats Win!, Football, and old TV shows
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TB # 13 - NFL, Going to a Giants game, and beers of the night
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# 12 - MLB playoffs, NFL rookie QBs, and good beer
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# 10 - NFL, surprise retirements in sports, baseball
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# 11 - Dads talking NFL, NCAA football, and their kids playing soccer & beer!
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