S3 Ep 12 - Faking the Grade

Season 3 | Episode 12
35m | Aug 29, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of the True Fiction Project Podcast! This week's episode is the finale for season 3 and we have actor, writer, and stand up comedian Shenuque Tissera on the show to celebrate! Shenuque shares his story of how he went from a Doctor of Geography to a Stand Up Comedian. He talks about the expectations his parents had of him after immigrating to the US, and his fear of disappointing them as he faked his graduation and dropped out of graduate school. We hear all about the Art of Killin' It and the other projects he is currently working on. The episode ends with the short story titled, Faking the Grade by Michael Kobzik. In this story we follow an aspiring stand up comedian who officially drops out from becoming a Doctor of Geography but still shows up at his graduation to receive a fake diploma to appease his unaware parents.


  • [1:57] What is Shenuque’s primary career?
  • [2:50] Shenuque walks through his college education path.
  • [11:38] How did Shenuque fake his graduation?
  • [13:10] Shenuque talks about his start as a stand up comedian.
  • [14:53] We hear about the Art of Killin' It.
  • [16:43] How is Quidditch (quadball) actually played?
  • [22:37] What do Shenuque’s parents think of the decisions he has made with his career?
  • [23:50] Shenuque tells us about the Twenty Sided Podcast and his character.
  • [26:36] A short story Faking the Grade by Michael Kobzik.


  • Follow your heart. Shenuque knew that he wasn’t destined for the graduate school path. Once he followed his heart he was able to find a career that he absolutely loves and is wildly successful at. 
  • Quidditch is a real game that was played at the college level!
  • You can be more than one thing in life! You don’t have to silo yourself into one career, follow your passions and see where you end up. 

Fiction Credits:

Excerpt written by: Michael Kobsik


Shenuque is an actor, writer, and stand-up comedian. He portrays 'Jaylen' in the theatrical production of the Art of Killin' It. He's been featured on HBO Max's Human By Orientation. He is also the voice of Yaksha Rah on the Twenty Sided Podcast. You can find him @shenuque on Instagram or @fakeshenuque on TikTok.

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