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True Deception - An Improvised True Crime story

True Deception is a fully improvised comedy True Crime story. We join investigators Clark McCarthy (Zach Jobe) and Owen Ingmar (Jake Jabbour) on their search for the truth about whatever mystery they feel they can exploit for personal gain. In Season 1 we follow their investigation into the disappearance of the enigmatic Brian Lind, a 47 year old bungee jumper and tactical paper-mâché enthusiast who was on his way to a Rainforest Cafe in Tyson's Corner VA when he went missing. Each week they interview hilarious comedians, all playing eccentric characters related to the case. Will they solve the case and more importantly will they get the glory and free stuff they feel entitled to?


The Brian Lind (feat. Seth Morris)
Show Details57min 45s
The Extreme Sports Store (feat. Ian Gary)
Show Details43min 4s
The Sky Diving Bully (feat. Mark David Christenson)
Show Details42min 11s
The Crime Central (feat. Anisha Jagannathan)
Show Details51min 10s
The Emporium (feat. Jake Regal)
Show Details49min 20s
The Improv Coach (feat. Will Hines)
Show Details48min 8s
The Stalker (feat. Phil Arliss)
Show Details45min 17s
The FBI Agents (feat. Chynna Fry & Katie Barsotti)
Show Details50min 3s
The Dance Instructor (feat. Stephanie Burchinow)
Show Details47min 17s
The Kidnapper (feat. Andrew Grace)
Show Details44min 29s
The Mistress/Half-Sister (feat. Olivia Snow Norman)
Show Details45min 42s
The Mom (feat. Heather Woodward)
Show Details44min 7s
The Barber (feat. John Michael Sedor)
Show Details47min 39s
The Breeder (feat. Alex Bigelow)
Show Details48min 37s
The Mayor (feat. Anna Garcia)
Show Details52min 38s
The Podcaster (feat. Scott Nickley)
Show Details41min 41s
The Secret Girlfriend (Feat. Rachel Marsh)
Show Details40min 32s
The Catch-Up
Show Details30min 56s
The Rainforest Cafe Owner (feat. Josh Simpson)
Show Details46min 23s
The Bungee Cord Dealer (feat. Wayland McQueen)
Show Details46min 29s
The Secret (feat. Lisa Gilroy)
Show Details40min 30s
The Co-worker (feat. Mikey Stephens)
Show Details52min 54s
The Adult Books Store Owner (feat. Evan Daniel)
Show Details43min 38s
The Paper Mache Expert (Feat. Sarah Zimmerman)
Show Details52min 34s
The Neighbor (feat. Karli Kaiser)
Show Details52min 47s
The Detective (feat Mano Agapion)
Show Details33min 41s
The Brother (feat. Jacob Womack)
Show Details38min 4s
The Roommate (feat. Aman Adumer)
Show Details34min 44s
The Beginning
Show Details34min 6s