Surviving the Ultimate Betrayal - Encounter with a Young Fraudster | Richard D. Bailey

46m | Apr 4, 2024

Richard D. Bailey shares his journey as a certified fraud examiner and his encounter with Alexander Chatfield Burns, a financial prodigy involved in a major fraud. Richard discovers discrepancies in a vineyard acquisition and uncovers evidence of a massive fraud. He cooperates with the FBI, wears a wire, and navigates the uncertainty of the investigation. The story takes a tragic turn when Alex Burns commits suicide.

Richard's experience highlights the importance of fraud examination and the challenges faced in uncovering and prosecuting financial crimes. This conversation explores the details of a $350 million fraud and its aftermath. The fraud involved the creation of fake stock certificates and the sale of bogus securities to insurance companies. The perpetrators could buy expensive properties and live a lavish lifestyle using the stolen money.

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