The Different Stages of Grief and the Importance of Acknowledging Each One | Denise Dielwart

58m | May 23, 2024

Ten years ago, Denise Dielwart faced the sudden loss of her husband, Maarten. This tragedy left her trapped in a cycle of depression, loneliness, and isolation. However, Denise didn’t follow the conventional 5 stages of grief. Instead, she developed a powerful alternative called the F.L.O.W. method. This approach encourages people to look within themselves for healing.

Denise’s personal journey of loss inspired her to create the F.L.O.W. method. Her story resonates with anyone who has experienced the pain of losing a loved one. Rather than a linear path, healing becomes a deeply personal journey. By embracing the principles of F.L.O.W. (Feeling, Letting Go, Overcoming, Whole), individuals can work through grief by lifting weights and exercising. It’s about pushing past the pain to achieve the future they desire.

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