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Sinister Silhouettes

Sinister Silhouettes is a true-crime podcast that explores the illicit, the sordid, and the downright conniving acts that one person can commit against another.  Join Tasha as she unravels cases that made headlines and conspiracies that just might hold a grain of truth. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your fix.


Not Goodbye...See You Later
Show Details3min 11s
Another Day, Another Hashtag
Show Details15min 30s
The Feeling of Being Watched
Show Details25min 18s
Deputy Dan the Baptist?
Show Details26min 47s
ICDC Accused of Crimes Against Humanity
Show Details22min 15s
Sinister Siblings: The Papin Sisters
Show Details19min 38s
Sinister Siblings: Robert & Anthony Rowlingson
Show Details22min 38s
Sneak Peek! Don't F*ck With Cats
Show Details20min 27s
Sinister Silhouettes LIVE 7/7- the Wayfair Conspiracy & more
Show Details54min
An Open Letter to the Chi
Show Details27min 40s
Sinister Silhouettes LIVE- Kenya Dake, The Daybell's, and other topics
Show Details1hr 19min
Chad & Lori- The Dumb Daybell's
Show Details1hr 33min
The Scream Killers
Show Details31min 51s
Victims of Injustice: Black Lives Matter
Show Details1hr 21min
The Blueprint: A Turning Point For Change
Show Details23min 15s
Fear of the Big Black Man (and some women)
Show Details42min 9s
The Heartbreaking Case of Angie Housman
Show Details24min 59s
That Time Aretha Franklin Wasn't Aretha Franklin
Show Details21min 14s
The Exorcisms of LaToya Ammons
Show Details35min 8s
Zodiac Killer Revealed?
Show Details22min 30s
Tales From the Hood: Jennifer Kocsis
Show Details30min
True Crime Headlines!
Show Details51min 43s
Red Zone (Listener Request)
Show Details46min 33s
The Witnesses- Knock, Knock!
Show Details43min 53s
Patriot to Prisoner: Aaron Hernandez Part 2
Show Details31min 40s
Aaron Hernandez Netflix Documentary
Show Details26min 20s
Fatal Charm: The Shocking True Story of Serial Wife Killer Randy Roth
Show Details20min 2s
Evidence of Love- Jealousy, Betrayal, and Rage in Texas
Show Details25min 10s
Unsolved Indiana
Show Details17min 32s
The Santa Strangler
Show Details27min 58s
Growing Up Buttafuoco
Show Details46min 15s
India Mackey & Me- Domestic Violence Stories
Show Details31min 46s
My Friend Anna- How Anna Scammed NY!
Show Details17min 48s
Murder In The Heartland- The Murder Of Bobbie Jo Stinett
Show Details28min 1s
Christopher Dorner- Vigilante Ex-Cop/Spree Killer
Show Details45min 39s
The East Side Killer- Charmer Part 2
Show Details24min 10s
Charmer by Jack Olsen- Part 1
Show Details26min 47s
The Setup by Pete Crooks
Show Details31min 14s
Obsessed- M. William Phelps
Show Details32min 58s
True Crime: By The Book Teaser
Show Details1min