Trolls & Tabletalk

Four friends, one story, told week by week as we play Dungeons and Dragons.


S1: Ep 11 - Something More Predictable, Like Checkers
Show Details1hr 22min
S1: Ep 10 - The Rejuvenated Man
Show Details54min 20s
S1: Ep 9 - Eyes Everywhere
Show Details53min 18s
S1: Ep 8 - The More You Know
Show Details43min 9s
S1: Ep 7 - Meet Your Makers
Show Details44min 46s
S1: Ep 6 - #NoLilt-er
Show Details1hr 1min
S1: Ep 5 - How long does a Dooby Last?
Show Details36min 15s
S1: Ep 4 - Only one i in Qirq
Show Details1hr 19min
S1: Ep 3 - Shoulda got a Hammer
Show Details1hr 5min
S1: Ep 2 - Welcome to the Heat
Show Details39min 18s
S1: Ep 1 - The Rank
Show Details42min 34s