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Trio Talks Tech in Tamil

A podcast where three buddies talk about tech and science or anything remotely related to tech in tamizh


How Internet works , The 13 wonders of the internet
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How internet works , DNS lables of intenet
Show Details7min 45s
How internet works , your internet address (IP)
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How Internet Works (Prequel)
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#15 Windows 11 update broke win 11 and
Show Details5min 51s
#15 New type of gene editing tech
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#15 Scientist try to create a artificial neuron
Show Details6min 26s
#15 China restricts minor's online computer time to weekly 3 hours
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#15 Mathematical model explains why villages/towns are prone to COVID spread
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#15 China uproar on 996 work ethic
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#15 Xiaomi creates new smart glass and Xiaomi cencors geman documents
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#15 Germany mandates 7 years support , Indian creates portable blood testing unit and AMD to create ARM
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#15 EV news
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#15 Apple loses Apple vs EPIC , Apple ignores worker privacy and apple trades ur privacy for 15bil dollar
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#15 Facebook gives special treatment to famous ppl and whatsapp backup data leaked
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#15 Instagram bad for teenage girls says Instagram
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#15 Facebook being racist and Messenger cencoring messages
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#15 GPT-3 AI Model created a good Blog about NFT
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#15 AI instagram infuencers
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#15 Google's new image enhancing AI
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#15 Virgin Galactic launch was a near death experince
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#15 Amazon wants FCC to stop SpaceX
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#15 UN urges countries to BAN face recognition
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#15 Australia is now the new china
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#15 WALL-E is not that accurate , We may be trapped in earth
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#15 SpaceX's First full civilian space tourism
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#15 Nolan's new nuclear bomb flim?
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#15 Happy birthday linux
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#14 PPl who got cov-19 are more immune to delta than vaccination and humans are evolving
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#14 Quantum Encryption and VPN which is QUANTUM secure
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#14 Joker is back , ISP tracks us always ,pegasus strikes again and hack windows using mouse
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#14 Parents being sued after kids steal bitcoin
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#14 Google brainwashes employees and creates a new vpn
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#14 Always Experince does not matter and Arm china using force becomes a seperate company
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#14 Future Tech Predictions and how you can always be updated
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#14 Love Robot replaces human partner , AI accidentally Racist and AI based farming
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#14 Being rich - Jeff's Bezo's D*ck toy rocket and Tim cook's small bonus
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#14 Future Macbook Pro will not have Keyboard? Tech gives u super hearing
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#14 Light and Time are reasons u missed a Headshot in COD
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#13 Covid DNA vaccine and finally Cure for COVID ...
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#13 Second brain in gut , programming using voice and robo lawer
Show Details14min 17s
#13 Facebook forced to sell Insta , FB virtual office and taliban a social media confusion
Show Details17min 56s
#13 Millions of webcams now vulnerable ?
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#13 Computer Games are good for you and intel's new GPU
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#13 Tesla's Bot and Audi's futuristic car
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#13 Whats the fuzz with only fans ?
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#13 Telegram to block pirated content?
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#13 Browser wars are back Win edge vs firefox
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#12 Biggest crypto heist of the decade !
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#12 Google news of the week
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#12 Metaverse is the new Big thing
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#12 Facebook news of the week
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#12 Amazon News of the week
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#12 Twitter News for the week
Show Details20min 21s
#12 Delta virus immune to vaccine?
Show Details4min 14s
#12 North pole on fire ? and climate events last week
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#11 Cryptocurrency news for this week
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#11 Blockchain a simple intro and history of bitcoin
Show Details16min 45s
#11 Google and Zoom news of the week
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#11 Microsoft news for the week
Show Details19min 52s
#11 Apple News of this week
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#11 Facebook News of this week
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#11 Mario copy cost 2Millon dollars , Pentagon's Future predicting AI
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#10 Windows 365 ,Meteor strikes Norway and other news
Show Details17min 15s
#10 Amazon's Bad news week
Show Details24min 41s
#10 Twitter new Bug Bounty program
Show Details3min 15s
#10 Time Crystals -by Google
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#10 Tesla Battery farm fire accident
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#9 Akamai Outage , and what's DNS ?
Show Details15min 28s
#9 Ewaste , FTC's Right to Repair and Framework Laptop
Show Details26min 48s
#9 Pegasus the inner workings and history
Show Details25min 49s
#9 Weekly tech news round up
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#8 Weekly tech news
Show Details15min 56s
#8 Huge Milestones in Renewable Energy
Show Details10min 59s
#8 Current state of Global warming
Show Details40min 29s
#8 Open insuline way to cheaper insuline
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#7 Mozilla's experiment about Youtube's reccomendation system
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#7 Apple Air tag , how does it work and is it needed
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#7 imaginery dev cloud tool hiring spree
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#7 quantum computer and new break through
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#6 Space tourism starts, Anti aging medicine and Curing any genetic disease and possibly cancer
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#6 Github makes dev lifes easy by coding for them
Show Details15min 54s
#6 Brave is Bad and worse than chrome for privacy
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#6 Window 11 is win 10 makeover and not everyone can install it
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#5 US army oda pudhu enemy Global warming
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#5 Telegram owner oda mystery , Elon vs Anonymous , bitcoin official currency and regulation
Show Details20min 53s
#5 Kaatril irndhu matter, Al use panni life simulation, Bad AI create panna punishment
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#5 Wikipedia vin dhrogam, Stackoverflow outage, Amazon aga podhu oru ISP aa
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Trio talks tech #4 - 2 The great M1 processor and does it also have flaws ?
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Trio talks tech #4 - 3 batman irl , face search , toxic content detection
Show Details46min 7s
trio talks tech #4 - 1, google's new OS, Amazon's buys MGM,Uber's mistake,insta changes
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Trio talks tech#3
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Trio talks tech #2
Show Details1hr 3min
Trio talks tech #1
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