Trio Talks Tech in Tamil

A podcast where three buddies talk about tech and science or anything remotely related to tech in tamizh


#9 Akamai Outage , and what's DNS ?
Show Details15min 28s
#9 Ewaste , FTC's Right to Repair and Framework Laptop
Show Details26min 48s
#9 Pegasus the inner workings and history
Show Details25min 49s
#9 Weekly tech news round up
Show Details10min 4s
#8 Weekly tech news
Show Details15min 56s
#8 Huge Milestones in Renewable Energy
Show Details10min 59s
#8 Current state of Global warming
Show Details40min 29s
#8 Open insuline way to cheaper insuline
Show Details16min 52s
#7 Mozilla's experiment about Youtube's reccomendation system
Show Details25min 11s
#7 Apple Air tag , how does it work and is it needed
Show Details11min 6s
#7 imaginery dev cloud tool hiring spree
Show Details9min 28s
#7 quantum computer and new break through
Show Details16min 31s
#6 Space tourism starts, Anti aging medicine and Curing any genetic disease and possibly cancer
Show Details25min 14s
#6 Github makes dev lifes easy by coding for them
Show Details15min 54s
#6 Brave is Bad and worse than chrome for privacy
Show Details9min 53s
#6 Window 11 is win 10 makeover and not everyone can install it
Show Details23min 4s
#5 US army oda pudhu enemy Global warming
Show Details15min 25s
#5 Telegram owner oda mystery , Elon vs Anonymous , bitcoin official currency and regulation
Show Details20min 53s
#5 Kaatril irndhu matter, Al use panni life simulation, Bad AI create panna punishment
Show Details11min 26s
#5 Wikipedia vin dhrogam, Stackoverflow outage, Amazon aga podhu oru ISP aa
Show Details12min 8s
Trio talks tech #4 - 2 The great M1 processor and does it also have flaws ?
Show Details13min 23s
Trio talks tech #4 - 3 batman irl , face search , toxic content detection
Show Details46min 7s
trio talks tech #4 - 1, google's new OS, Amazon's buys MGM,Uber's mistake,insta changes
Show Details22min 45s
Trio talks tech#3
Show Details1hr 20min
Trio talks tech #2
Show Details1hr 3min
Trio talks tech #1
Show Details2hr 2min