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The World Triathlon Podcast

The official podcast of World Triathlon brings you exclusive weekly stories and insights from the world's top triathletes and coaches, from World Champions and Olympic contenders to the new faces breaking out onto the world scene. 

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#68 The 2022 Championship Finals Preview Show
Show Details49min 38s
#67 Morgan Pearson
Show Details40min 18s
#66 Coaches Special: Rodrigo Milazzo & Tibor Lehmann
Show Details1hr 31min
#65 Kristian Blummenfelt & Gustav Iden
Show Details54min 22s
#64 Craig Kirkwood
Show Details45min 41s
#63 Sam Dickinson
Show Details43min 55s
#62 Jamie Riddle (RSA)
Show Details44min 57s
#61 Chris McCormack
Show Details1hr 13min
#60 Kate Waugh and Max Stapley
Show Details54min 49s
#59 Marten Van Riel
Show Details52min 45s
#58 Triathlon coach Paulo Sousa
Show Details1hr 26min
#57 Csongor Lehmann and Kira Gupta-Baltazar
Show Details1hr 18min
#56 Alberte Kjaer 🇩🇰 & Miguel Hidalgo 🇧🇷
Show Details1hr 33min
#55 Chase McQueen and Emma Lombardi
Show Details1hr 32min
#54 Kendall Gretsch
Show Details55min 7s
#53 Javier Gomez
Show Details1hr 23min
#52 Ian O'Brien
Show Details1hr 30min
#51 Lotte Miller
Show Details1hr 26min
#50 Alex Yee
Show Details1hr 16min
#49 Paralympic Champion Brad Snyder
Show Details58min 34s
#48 Paralympic Champion Susana Rodriguez
Show Details58min 50s
#47 Jonny Brownlee
Show Details48min 17s
#46 Jetze Plat
Show Details31min 47s
#45 Non Stanford, Matt Hauser & Laura Lindemann
Show Details57min 29s
#44 Olympic Champion Flora Duffy
Show Details38min 45s
#43 Olympic Champion Kristian Blummenfelt
Show Details31min 22s
#42 Tokyo 2020 Olympic predictions with the experts
Show Details46min 22s
#41 Alistair Brownlee
Show Details38min 16s
#40 Carolyn Hayes
Show Details46min 58s
#39 Richard Murray
Show Details45min 32s
#38 Jo Brown
Hide Details38min 55s

After taking a year away from triathlon in 2020, Jo Brown returned in Yokohama and, despite breaking her nose during the warm up, came away with plenty of positives as the Tokyo 2020 build up continues. The Canadian takes us through the event in Japan, looks ahead to the Olympic Qualification Mixed Relay event in Lisbon, and back over the past year, including life in a van in the wilderness with great friend Chelsea Burns.

38min 55s
Published May 20, 2021 at 3:00pm
#37 Jelle Geens
Show Details36min 51s
#36 Mehdi Essadiq & Badr Siwane
Show Details40min 28s
#35 Beth Potter
Show Details38min 30s
#34 Taylor Knibb
Show Details35min 36s
#33 Kenji Nener
Show Details44min 9s
#32 Leo Bergere
Show Details38min 58s
#31 Kevin McDowell
Show Details42min 20s
#30 Winter Triathlon special
Show Details33min 22s
#29 Najla al Jeraiwi & Basmla Elsalamoney
Show Details52min 56s
#28: Barbara Riveros & Diego Moya
Show Details54min 16s
#27: Emma Carney & Emma Hogan
Show Details44min 56s
#26: Jake Birtwhistle
Show Details47min 45s
#25: Hayden Wilde
Show Details45min 12s
#24: Age-Group Special
Show Details1hr 13min
#23: Tamas Toth
Show Details38min 43s
#22: Siri Lindley
Show Details56min 25s
Ep.21 Lisa Tertsch
Show Details27min 42s
Ep.20 Ryan Sissons
Show Details43min 4s
Ep.19 Lauren Steadman
Show Details54min 17s
Ep.18 Maya Kingma
Show Details30min 59s
Ep.17 Vasco Vilaça
Show Details43min 26s
Ep. 16 World Champions
Show Details12min 35s
Ep. 15 Flora Duffy
Show Details18min 16s
Ep. 14 Justus Nieschlag
Show Details29min 25s
Ep.13 Katie Zaferes
Show Details42min 52s
Ep.12 All-star Tokyo Olympic special
Show Details59min 1s
Ep.11 Nicola Spirig
Show Details39min 51s
Ep. 10 Arild Tveiten
Show Details31min 53s
Ep. 9 Claire Michel
Show Details37min 16s
Ep.8 Marc Austin
Show Details20min 8s
Ep.7 Noor Khouja
Show Details16min 17s
Ep.6 Erin Baker
Show Details41min 37s
Ep.5 Lauren Parker
Show Details32min 7s
Ep.4 Tyler Mislawchuk
Show Details27min 36s
Ep.3 Ognjen Stojanovic
Show Details15min 56s
Ep.2 Edda Hannesdottir
Show Details17min 59s
Ep.1 Georgia Taylor-Brown
Show Details18min 13s